Monthly Archives: March 1984

Bhakti Songs on Muktinath

In my early walk as a bhakta of Bhagavan Muktinath, I appreciated the deep meaning of the lyrics of the hymns sung in churches, but they remained alien to me due to their music. Therefore I wrote and composed songs according to my taste in the Carnatic style and used them for my personal devotion. I didn’t share them with others for a long time. One reason was that I was afraid of being misunderstood for their style and music. I observed that any kind of Hindu form was not welcomed among evangelical circles. I faced this a lot in the early days of my bhakti in the Lord.

I was also strongly criticised for remaining a strict vegetarian. Attempts were made me to eat non-veg, which ended up with serious commotion and shouting from my side. I was criticised and questioned for spontaneously using words like bhagavan for God, which were natural for me. One day, I quoted from a film song while I was sharing to the students in our worship service, and I was condemned for that. When I choose to wear saffron, other colours were highly recommended. Continue reading