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Bhakti Song 37 – Why This Much Mercy

However our sins suppress us and create depression in us, with the help of the grace of God we can overcome it and press forward. When I was thinking on this I wrote this song.


ஏன் இரக்கம்?







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Bhakti Song 36 – Open the Inner Eye

On 05-07-1991 at Sat-tal ashram when I was reading John 6:1-35, when I was meditating verse 26, I wrote the following song:

அகக்கண் திறப்பாய்





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Bhakti Song 35 – Bhakti is the Only Way

When I was writing a paper called ‘Bhakti is the only way’ at Sat-tal ashram on 04-07-1991, I immediately stopped my writing and wrote the following poem.

பக்தியே வழி

சித்தமது சுத்தமானால்

சேர்ந்திடும் ஞானமதால்

அகக் கண்ணும் தான்திறக்க

ஆன்மாவின் வடிவமதை

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Bhakti Song 34 – Bhakti Marga

Among the various paths Bhakti is the best one. When I arrived to this conclusion I wrote this song at Sat-tal ashram.


பக்தி வழி




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Bhakti Song 33 – What can I offer?

I think this one is written at Sat-tal ashram when I was thinking about paying back the Lord for what he has done for me. Particularly doing seva for the Lord is considered as the most important thing among the evangelical circle. But for me we are in an eternal debt to the Lord and we cannot pay for what He has done for us through any means in our life.









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Bhakti Song 31 – Unbearable Burden

Today I had several struggles in my mind. I could not even meditate in the morning. So when I was reading Muktiveda in the evening, the verses from Hebrews 2:1-2 came a severe warning to me. With much fear and disturbance I read rest of the chapter. That time verse 2:18 gave much comfort and encouragement. Then I wrote the following song on 20-11-1991 at Kathmandu.

தாங்காத பாரம்

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Bhakti Song 30 – Give Me Your Power

On 20-11-1991 at Kathmandu when I was fasting and keeping total silence whenever I began to pray, so many thoughts came and attacked my mind. I couldn’t concentrate on my prayer. Whenever I fast and keep silence, I face similar attacks on my mind and I think this is common to many other bhaktas too. Then I wrote this song pouring my heart to the Lord.

அளித்திடு வல்லமை

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