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Bhakti Song 48 – My Imperfection

At Martudham ashram in Varanasi, in one gathering for my shishyas from Rewa, one incident really disturbed me. One of my shishya’s behaviour in the dinning hall disturbed all of us. However before telling it to him, on 28-05-1993 evening by four o’clock I began to pray for him. But when I began to pray for him, my shortcomings appeared before me in manifold. Immediately I stopping praying for him, I began to lament about my shortcomings to the Lord. Then I wrote the following song.


என்குறை பெரிதாக என்முன் நிற்கையில்

எப்படி உரைப்பேன் பிறர்குறை உன்முன்?

பெரிதே மனப்போராட்டம் அதன்மீது

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