Monthly Archives: February 1996

Bhatki Song 84 – What Else Do I Require?

On 17-02-1996 in the evening as usual I went for my evening walk. I was staying with Shashikant Dube in his village at Mahari (Rewa, M.P). After half an hour walk at the out skirt of the village there runs a cannel with full of water.  On both sides there are plenty of mango and other tress, surrounded by wheat fields. As it was winter time, the sun set was beautiful.  The place where I went regularly is a quite calm place from where we can see not only the sun set but its reflection on the water.  On that day, when the sun was setting with golden red color, I saw several birds flying and making a gentle noise. The gentle cold, sun set, birds and their voice accompanied by the calm surrounding created some kind trance within me.  At that time I wrote this song. This is one of my favorite songs, which we still sing in our puja in the ashram gatherings. Continue reading