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Which is More Profitable?

This morning Sri Suki Sivam’s sharing was more practical than idealistic. When he was invited to speak in one Forum at Coimbatore (Nannerikkazhagam = Organization of good conduct), the President of that meeting said, ‘we all know what is good conduct and no one need to lecture on this. But my question is “Why does everyone fail to implement this in life?”

In response Sivam started by quoting the famous Vedic saying, ‘Satyam vada; dharmam chara’ which is the essence of all good conduct. Valluvar further reduced this by saying, “No honour can ever equal
truthfulness, as it yields every virtue sans efforts.’1 (Thirukkural, Tr. M. Rajaram, New Delhi, Rupa & Co. Kural, 297, 2009, 61) Continue reading

Image of God

One Hindu asked me, “You have mentioned that GOD or YAWEH is nirgun, but his manifestation called Mukthinath (Jesus) is sagun. How can a sagun manifestation come from a nirgun origin? The main purpose of Muktinath was to reveal his father. If this is so then Muktinath should have revealed his father as “being” in your terms.

I told him that in a sense, he was correct. That is why I always insist that when we use Indian terms, we have to qualify it bit giving our own (imagined) exegesis and hermeneutics.  Brahmabandab upadyyaya also in his famous song Vande Sachidanamdam says:

Pirtu svarupa chin maya rupa Sumukundam
(The Substance of the Father, Form of knowledge, our saving Friend.–Lipner’s translation) Continue reading