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Individualism or Sentimentalism

The debate on Individualism versus sentimentalism held in Vijay TV, anchored by Gopinath (31-08-2014) was an excellent, informative and very useful program. Both sides put forth their point very clearly with strong conviction.

The way Sri Arumugan, the Tamil Philosopher, presented his view in his own colloquial style, sometime using strong words which others can take as an attack on the opponents, was the highlight of the program. Not only his presentation, but the points which he highlighted were excellent to which the opponents could not give any convincing response. Continue reading

Universalhood and Tamilians

Tamil is one of the richest and most ancient classical languages in the world. I am happy that I was born as a Tamilian and am able to enjoy this language. Even the United Nations has used one line from the Sangam Tamil song is written to proclaim its theme to the whole world.

It is யாதும்ஊரேயாவரும்கேளிர்–கணியன்பூங்குன்றனார்.

Every place is our own and every people are our relatives — Kaniyan Pungundranar.

I heard that after the Muktiveda, Tirukkural by Valluvar has been translated into the most languages around the world. G. U. Pope, the famous Scottish missionary, requested to write on his grave: ‘The student of Tamil’. Continue reading