About Me

My origins are in Tamil Nadu, where I still spend most of my time. I am not an armchair academic, rather a pilgrim who continues to travel extensively around India, interacting with fellow-pilgrims of manifold persuasions. I enjoy plants and gardening almost as much as books and reading.



This blog will convey my brainstorms on a wide variety of topics. I hope readers will interact and some valuable discussions will develop.



I am not a disciplined writer, but when I read an article or news I reflect and often have thoughts which I am in the habit of recording. This will now be my place for recording such thoughts. When I go for a walk or talk with someone, I often record aspects of conversations that develop. These too will now be posted here, in hope of stimulating thought and discussion from others.


So don’t look for systematic thought and expressions here; these are my brainstorms as I ramble through life.