Baba Kalam

After Mahatma Gandhiji the one INDIAN I respect is Baba Kalam.  Though others address him as Dr. Kalam, I prefer to call him Baba Kalam. He deserves to be addressed this way as he epitomized his own jnana and karma in his bhakti to the nation with a sprit of a sannyasi. Thankfully he never remained a politician, but handled politicians very tactically —particularly in the episode of Sonia’s attempt to become the PM.

Dr. Pranap Roy (of NDTV) was interviewing Baba Kalam once while he was addressing the students at Rashtrabati Bhavan. He asked him, “Should the President be a politician or a non-politician?” Baba Kalam wisely answered, “This is a political question.”

Wherever his mortal body will be put to rest, the Presidency of Indian will always be divided as before Baba Kalam and after Baba Kalam. To honor his contribution to the nation, I wish that his statue should be put in front of the Rashtrabati Bhavan, as it will dignify that building permanently.

He lived a noble life and ended with a noble death — that too while doing his dharma of INSPIRING THE YOUTHS.