The Best Religion

What are the qualities, aims of a good religion? There are many religions; what makes sanatana dharma stand out of the rest and be the best? I don’t mean any disrespect to other religions by this, but I’d like to hear a clear-cut answer (I usually get a diplomatic answer to this!). Your answer is going to count a huge deal for me because from the answers you gave previously I’ve developed a trust in you and by guiding me at this juncture you would save me from travelling half the distance in a lesser good path.


I think by reading my previous response on Truth, etc. you might easily guess what would be my response to this question also. First of all, every religion is man-made. Even this sanatana dharma is our own construction particularly in the context of facing the western (or Oriental) criticism about our indigenous faiths which they wrongly called ‘Hinduism’.

As I was born a Hindu, which is now accepted even by our Constitution as a (personal) religion, I am happy to be a Hindu, even without understanding all its various precepts. So my attitude with others religions are the same: each one has the right to remain in the religion in which they were born, or choose to go out of it.

Thanks for your encouraging words; I’m happy that at least there is one person on this earth who thinks that he trusts me. But I warn you not to do that. We don’t know each other and by reading a few responses if you come to this conclusion I need to be blamed for brainwashing you within a short time period with my responses which can be refuted easily by others.

How do you know the other paths you might want to travel are “lesser good paths”? This sounds like an absolute statement to me.

The first thing that you need to do as a young man is to have patience. If you want to become a body-builder, can you do it overnight? Similarly in this spiritual path you cannot decide by reading some responses to your questions by an unknown stranger like me.

Here, my humble advice would be: If you believe in God, wait upon Him/Her patiently. Continue to pray that He/She would send the right guru to guide you, gradually taking you along with him/her for maturity slowly but steadily.

This is also my experience. When we seek sincerely and honestly, God will send the right guru in our life. Then we need to have the discerning spirit to know that he/she is the guru for whom we are longing for. Then TRUST him/her and make an initial commitment—though you may not understand what all s/he says to you or feel comfortable with it. Trusting, making an initial commitment, and being ready to follow the teaching are the first steps to not become a ‘jack of all trades’ when it comes to spirituality.

But how do we know he/she is the right guru? One small tip: Anyone not keeping any personal interest with any selfish motive, but keeping only your need and interest and wishing to serve you for your own good could be that guru.