Bhakti Song 101 – Andadi

It is better for me to skip this song 101, as it remains incomplete.  When I was reading Tiruvasagam by Manikkavasagar, at Mahari (Rewa, M.P. at Shashikant’s house), I began to write these stanzas in the form of ‘andadi’ on 18, 19, 20 of March 1990.  Then when I had time and inspiration came, I continued to add more stanzas of four lines. My aim is to write one hundred such stanzas (like several other andadis like Abirami Andadi by Abirami Bhattar).  

The Andadi form is that the last word of the last line will be the first word of the next stanza.  Andam (last) +Adi (first). This will give not only beauty and show the talent of the poet but helps one to easily memorize and later remember them. Still I can chant several such poems which I learnt in Andadi form.  But giving meaning or commenting on each stanza will take too many words as some were written as the words came naturally and some with careful thinking about the theology properly. As it is a big project I will skip it here.