Bhakti Song 104 – What I Require

எது வேண்டும்

அருள் வேண்டும் அதுவன்றி உலகினிலே

அமைதியாய் வாழ ஒரு வழிவேண்டும்

தொழவேண்டும் தொண்டர் குழாமொடு

தெய்வமே நின்பாதமதில் பக்தியோடு

மதிவேண்டும் மாயையான இவ்வாழ்வினிலே

மனம்போன போக்கில் போகாமல் இருக்கக்

குணம் வேண்டும் குற்றம் ஒன்றும்செய்யாது

கூடவே நின்துணைவேண்டும், தனித்துவாழத்

துணிவிலாக்கோழை எனக்கு வேறெதுவேண்டும்?

வேண்டியபடியே நீ தரவேண்டும் என

எண்ணாமல், நின் சித்தம் ஒன்றே செயவேண்டும்

எனக்கூறிச் சேவடி தனைச் சேர்வதல்லால்

09-08-1999. ராணிகேத் (உத்ராஞ்சல்)

English Translation

Apart from Grace in this world

A means is required to have a peaceful life.

I have to worship along with other bhaktas

O God at your feet with bhakti.

I need intellect not to go as my heart desires

In this life of maya

I need character and not committing any mistakes

I need your company to live alone.

What else is required for the coward who does not have courage?

Not thinking that you should bestow as I requested

But to do your will alone

And by uttering this I should reach your feet.


09-08-1999. Ranikhet (Uttaranchal)



This song and the next one have similar context. I was staying for few months at Ranikhet to finalize the manuscript for Understanding Hinduism. The shishya who arranged for my stay was out of station for several weeks. Though I know a few people there, most of the time I stayed alone and spent my time in my work.  As it was rainy season several days I couldn’t go for my evening walk and remained confined in my room.  And some time I missed the fellowship with other bhaktas, as Internet facilities were not quite popular in those days with fast connectivity.  More than anything I missed my books, as I was busy with my manuscript. At that time some kind of discouragement came in my mind and I wrote this song.  

As I shared before, living in solitude is different from having a lonely life.