Bhakti Song 105 – Everything is Yours

எல்லாம் உனக்காக

எனது என ஒன்றும் இல்லை இனி

எல்லாம் உனக்காக ஆனபின்னே!

பின் ஏன் வந்தது வீண் சிந்தையும்தான்

என்மனம் போல ஓர் வாழ்க்கை வாழ?

என்தேகம், திறமை, காலமெல்லாம்

நீயளித்த பிச்சை என உணர்ந்தும்

என்சொந்தம் அவையெல்லாம் என எண்ணியே!

என்னையே ஏமாற்றும் தன்மை தன்னை

நீக்கிட மீண்டும் உன்கிருபை தந்து

எல்லாம் உனதே என உணர்ந்து [மீண்டும்]

உனக்காக வாழ அருள் கூறுவாய்.

12-08-1999. ராணிகேத் (உத்ராஞ்சல்)


English Translation

Once everything belongs to you

Nothing belongs to me.


Once everything become yours

From where came this mean thought

To live a life as per my choice?

My body, talent and time

Are the alms/gift from you.  

After knowing this but thinking that they all belong to me,

I deceive myself! By removing this thought which cheats me

Give your grace without allowing it to deceive me

Again to realize that all these belong to you

Give your grace to live for you.

12-08-1999. Ranikhet, Uttaranchal.


As I was too busy with my manuscript of Understanding Hinduism, in the name of rest and relaxing the mind, I began to entertain some Army Officers whom I met during my evening walk and invited a few others for dinner, lunch and tea. Another reason could be that as I missed the fellowship with other bhaktas, I tried to compensate with others. Nothing wrong in that. As a normal human being I too need the fellowship of other. But as I missed my books, then sometime I began to read (not deeply but browsing them) some English novels that I found there. One day I took a 900 page novel and completed within four hours just browsing it to know the story. Later that day I regretted for wasting my time like that. Then I wrote this song.

For a normal person having social interaction, entertainment, recreation, etc., are not wrong in themselves!  When they become a mere substitute for our time with the Lord and other bhaktas (or at the expense of them), then they become snare.