Bhakti Song 507 – Does God Give the Answer?

இறைவனே பதிலா

இதற்குப் பதிலும் எங்கிருக்கு
என்பது எனது கேள்வியல்ல
இறைவனே பதில் என்றானால்-இந்தக்
கேள்வியும் எப்படிவந்திருக்கு

தன்னையே பதிலாய் முன்நிறுத்தி
தரணியில் வாழ்ந்தோர் ஏராளம்
அவரே பதிலாய் ஆனபின்னே
தோன்றிய கேள்விகள் ஏராளம்

அடுத்தவர் கேள்விக்கு விடையாக
தன்னை நிறுத்த முயன்றதினால்
அவருக்கு விடையும் கிடைக்கவில்லை
இவரே கேள்வியாய் ஆனதினால்

இறைவன் இப்படிச் செய்தானா
தானே விடையாய் ஆனானா
என்பதை எண்ணிப் பார்த்ததினால்
கேள்வியும் சரியாய்ப் புரிஞ்சிருக்கு

அவரவர் கேள்விக்கு விடையாக
அவரையே விடையாய் வைத்தானே
இதனை ஏற்க மறுத்ததினால்
வெளியே விடையை த்தேடினாரே

எங்கு தேடினும் கிடைக்கவில்லை
இறைவனும் பதிலைத் தரவில்லை
கேள்வியை மீண்டும் கேட்கச்சொன்னான்
விடையைத் தன்னில் தேடச்சொன்னான்

மத்திகிரி, 7-9-16, காலை, 6.45

English Translation

“Where is the answer for this”
Is not my question
If God is the answer, then
From where does this question came?

Many lived on this earth
Keeping oneself as the answer (for others’ question)
Once they become the answer
Many more questions arose after that

As they put themselves
As the answer to others’ question
Others never get the answer
As they themselves become the question

Did God ever act like this?
Did He ever become the answer
As I analysed this question properly
I understood the question easily

God put each one as the answer
For their own question
As we refuse to accept this answer
We searched the answer outside us

Wherever we searched we never got the answer
And God also didn’t give the answer for it
He asked us again to ask the question
And to search the answer within ourselves

Mathigiri, 7-9-16, 6.45 am.

Due to severe cold as I slept in the day time, I couldn’t sleep for a long time in the night. As I began to reflect my life, so many questions again came. When I obeyed the will of God, even though things went against me, I found some kind of peace and God clearly steering my life. But in a few incidents, in order to accommodate others wishes and plans when I went against God’s will for my life (that is how I approached those issues) it become more of a burden for me than giving piece. Then I asked the question, ‘who is to be blamed’ and I got the answer that ‘not others’.

In this context I remember one incident that happened in south Tamilnadu. I think it was in Madurai where on the first day there appeared several posters, ‘JESUS IS THE ANSWER’. The next day counter posters appeared ‘WHAT IS YOUR QUESTION?’. I don’t remember whether further posters appeared to this counter poster. But this reminded me of something. In general religious answer to any question in life is ‘God is the answer’. I too used the same several times in the past as ‘Muktinath is the answer/solution’. But I wonder whether is there any categorical verses from the Muktiveda clearly echoing this answer? I would rather, with my limited knowledge in Muktiveda say ‘no’.

When many innocent people get killed in terrorist attack, my mother’s one constant question is: ‘what they are going to achieve by killing so many or what they actually want’. Though I never gave any answer to her, my response would be ‘even the terrorists themselves don’t know about it’.

So for so many issues in life, my understanding is that ‘GOD IS NOT THE ANSWER’.

Now another question that comes to my mind immediately is this: does this response resonate with Muktiveda’s teaching? At least does this not contradict with the Muktivedic teaching?

As I said in the final stanza of this song, as I searched the answer within me, this is the response that I got:

We cannot limit God within the frame of Muktiveda. However for a Muktinath bhakta it gives clear principles to learn so many answers for any kind of question in her life. Therefore it has final authority in her life. Whereas my question and answer is my reflection on the reality of life. This does not have any authority for others to follow. But the final answer that God gives me to any question in life is not to seek Him as the answer to try to find it within me.

If this meditation confuses you, don’t be surprised, even I am more confused than others and looking for an answer from God and others to find the correct answer within me.