Bhakti Song 508 – Ununderstandable Compassion

விளங்காத கருணை

உனது கருணைக்கு விளக்கமும் வேண்டாம்
உனது கருணையை விளங்கிட வேண்டாம்
சேய் புரியாது தாய்கொண்ட அன்பை
அதைகூறச் சேயிடம் மொழிகூட இல்லை

விளங்கிட முயன்றால் அன்புமே புரியாது
விளங்கிக் கொண்டாலும் அன்பும் நிலைக்காது
சுவைத்துப் பார்த்தாலே சுவையும் புரியும்
சுவைத்து முடித்தபின் அதுகூட மறையும்

ஆயினும் உன்கருணை அதைமிஞ்சி இருக்கும்
அடிக்கடி நான்வந்து சுவைக்க வேண்டும்
சுவைத்தாலும் மறையாத உனது கருணையைத்
தெவிட்டாத இன்பமாய் நான்பெற வேண்டும்

புரியாத புதிராகப் புவிக்கு இருந்தாலும்
புரிந்தாலும் புரியாது எனக்கும் இருக்கும்
புரிதல் என்பது புத்திக்கு உட்படும்
புரியாத கருணையோ பக்திக்கு வசப்படும்

பக்திக்கு வசப்பட்ட கருணைக்கு மட்டும்
புத்திக்கும் விளங்காத மொழிகூற விளங்கும்
தாயோடு சேய்பேசும் மொழியாக மாறி
நீமட்டும் புரிகின்ற என்பேச்சாய் மாறும்

இதற்குமேல் என்ன விளக்கமும் வேண்டும்
எதற்காக நானதை விளக்கிட வேண்டும்
நான்பேச நீகேட்டு மகிழ்ந்திடும் போது
நமக்கு மட்டும் புரிந்தாலே போதும்

மத்திகிரி, 7-9-16, மதியம் 2.50

English Translation

There is no need for any explanation for your compassion
And we need not even explain your compassion
A baby won’t understand its mother’s love
And there is no word even to utter by the baby

Once we began to understand, then we could not understand love
Even if we understood that love won’t stand for long
Only by tasting one can understand the taste
Once tasted, even that too will disappear

But your compassion will stand beyond it
And I should come and enjoy it often
Your compassion which will never disappear even after I have tasted
I should received more and more without having any satisfaction

Though it continue to remain as a riddle to the world
It will remain unclear though I understood it
Understanding falls within the limit of my mind
But the non-understandable compassion will come within the limit of bhakti

That compassion which falls within the limit of bhakti will become clear
Once it is communicated in a language which even the mind cannot understand
Becoming like a babbling of a baby which it utters to its mother
My words also will become one such for you to understand

What kind of explanation is required more than this?
Why should I even try to explain it further?
As you rejoice when I utter it
It is enough if we both understand it.

Mathirigi, 7-9-16, 2.50 pm.

In a recent panel discussion one child specialist said that infants do not have clear eye vision. They could recognize their mother only through the smell of the mother’s milk, skin and sweat. That’s why even if the father takes the child when it cries he cannot console it. Whereas when the mother takes it from the father, as it immediately recognizes its mother, it stops crying as it feels secured in her hand. Similarly one could have observed that when the baby takes milk from her mother, it communicates her feelings and joy through various sounds which a mother alone could recognize. If we notice, the mother too will talk using similar sounds or words which the baby will recognize. We men will never understand this or can never have this bliss in our life. This is a unique gift from God to a mother. There is no doubt in the saying that Mothers are the visible God on earth. Neither baby understands it nor able to communicate in human language. But it experiences that love and find comfort only in its mother.

The same is the case the compassion that a bhakta receives and enjoys with her bhagavan. Neither she can understand it nor able to communicate. But she can experience it and find comfort in it. After completed my regular reading today, when I took few minutes to be quite and be with the Lord, as I unable to understand the compassion of God, I began to enjoy it silently unable to communicate through any means. When I come out of that bliss as the inspiration came I wrote this song. Among the many songs that I have written only few will remain my favourite which I cannot forgot till the end of my life. This song will be one among them.