Bhakti Song 64 – Grace is not lacking

அருளுக்குக் குறைவில்லை


வேதாந்தம் சித்தாந்தம்

விளங்காத தத்துவம்

உருவாக்க முடியாத

உள்ளான ஒளியை

அருளான உன்வார்த்தை

ஒன்றாலே உள்ளத்தில்

நிறைவாக உருவாக்கி

நிலைபெறச் செய்தாய்

தவறாக வழிமாறித்

தடுமாறும் போது

தத்துவம் ஏதுமே

உதவாத போது

உன்னாவி ஒன்றாலே

உண்மையை விளக்கி

உன்னடி பின்செல்ல

உன்னருள் தந்தாய்

எதனாலே என்மீது

இத்தனைப்@ பரிவு

ஏதுதான் நீகண்டாய்

என்னிலே நிறைவு?

நோக்கினால் என்னில்

குறையன்றி வேறில்லை

ஆயினும் அவைநீக்க

அருளுக்கும் குறைவில்லை



English Translation

The inner light

Which cannot be produced

By Vedanta and other

Confusing Siddhantas

You created in its Fullness

And made it dwell in my heart

Only through your grace

And noble Words.


When we stumble in life

And go astray

Where philosophies

Won’t be any more use

Through your Spirit

Explaining the Truth

You gave your grace

To follow after you.


Why this much

Pity on me?

What did you find in me –

Any good quality?

If you look into me

There is nothing but shortcomings

Yet to remove them

There grace is not lacking.




When one goes astray, she might try to philosophize it by giving various excuses and reasons like, “No one is perfect, this is Kali age, it is my bad time, karma, sin, etc.” But a person who is conscious about her own shortcomings will never try to philosophize such acts. And this is common when I don’t know the Lord, as my worldview allowed such excuses easily without accepting personal responsibility quickly. But the first thing in our bhakti is to shed more light on our shortcoming than giving any other reason. The inner voice of the Holy Spirit which always warns us about any wrongdoing is a great asset for us in the Lord.

The ‘jyothi’ that I often heard from Hindus that dwells in our heart is the inner voice of the Holy Spirit silently whispering within us. “Don’t put out the Holy Spirit within you” (1 Thes. 5:19) is a serious warning given by Sevanand in this regard which we need to always keep in our mind. Though nothing can separate us from the Love of the Lord, yet by our own free will we can refuse to hear that ‘whisper’ of the Holy Spirit in our conscience, though God never withdraws His grace.