Bhakti Song 66 – When I am going to have your darshan?

காண்பதெப்போது ஐயனே

காண்பதெப்போதென் ஐயனே-உன்னைக்

கண்குளிர நான்

என்கலி தீரக்–காண்பதெப்போதென்….


புவிதனுக் கிறங்கியே

சிலுவையில் மரித்தாய்

அபயமென்றே வந்த

கள்வனைக் காத்தாய்

உபச்சாரம் அறியேன்

சிறியேன் செய்பல

அபச்சாரம் பொறுத்து

ஆட்கொண்ட உந்தனை–காண்ப….




English Translation

When I am going to see you

For the content of my eyes

And also to remove my ‘kali’ [all the bad karmas, evil times, etc.]

Having pity on this world

You died on the cross

You protected the thief

Who sought your feet?

But I don’t know such formalities

And when will I see you

As you kindly bear all the offences

Done by this little one and saved me



When I write such songs adapting Hindu songs and bhajans, I pay more attention to keep the music and words closer to the original than on theological aspects. For me, such songs written by me cater to my need to sing in Carnatic Music. Of course, Hindu fundamentalists will object to such a practice. But as a Hindu bhakta, it is my birth right to use my own format without distorting the original one.

I wish I could send the Tamil text with the English meaning, but it should be available on the Internet as it is a famous song. Song 65, ‘Kuraiondrum illai’ is available on the Internet. If you listen, some of you can understand my passion after Carnatic music.