Bhakti Song 81 – Working Along with Grace

அருளொடு செயல்

என்னுள்ளே அமைதி வேண்டும்

எனக்கதை அருளவேண்டும்

சொல் செயல் எனப்பலவாறு

வரும் சஞ்சலம் நீங்கவேண்டும்.

சிந்தையின் ஓட்டத்தை என்றும்

சீராக்க முயலும் போது

சிதறிடும் மனதை ஒன்றாக்கி

உன்சித்தம் அறிந்திட வேண்டும்

என்விருப்பம் போல எல்லாம்

என்வாழ்வில் நடக்காத போதும்

உன்சித்தம் எதுவென எண்ணி

உன்பாதம் பணிய வேண்டும்

நாள்தோறும் நான்வாழும் வாழ்வில்

பிறர் நலமெண்ணி உழைக்கவேண்டும்

சுயநலம் தலைத்தூக்கும் போது-உன்

சிலுவை என் சிந்தையில் வேண்டும்

கூறுவதும் மிகவெனக் கெளிது

ஆனால் கைக்கொள்ள முயலும் போது

உன்கருணையின் துணையில்லாது

கடைபிடிக்க என்னால் ஆகாது!

வெறும் தத்துவம் பேசி இவ்வாழ்வில்

முக்தியும் பெற இயலாது

அருளோடு செயலும் வேண்டும்

அதற்கும் நீ உதவ வேண்டும்.

15-01-1996. லக்னோ. (உ.பி)


English Translation

I need peace within me
You should bestow that to me.
Several frustrations that come
In the forms of words and work should be removed.
When I tried to control my thoughts
To bring it under focused
By gathering the heart which runs wildly
I should know your will
When things are not going
as per my wish in life
to know what is your will
I should bow at your feet
In this life I live everyday
I should toil only keeping others interest
When selfishness raises its head
I should keep your cross in my mind
This is very easy for me to say
But when I try to implement it
I cannot follow it
Without the help of your grace
I cannot get release (escape) in this life
By merely talking philosophy
Toil should be accompanied with Grace
And you should help me for that.

15-01-1996. Lukcnow U. P.


Mere determination to do anything never helped me to accomplish anything in my life.  Several times, many things which I thought I can never accomplish I completed to my satisfaction.  And I strongly believe that this is purely because of God’s grace. Several times out of compulsion I am forced to do certain things. Some days I felt terribly tired and don’t want to go to the kitchen.  But out of compulsion I will do my part, not even praying to God to help me in that situation. However I will do my part faithfully.  Several times when I took classes for the Hindu bhaktas and their family people (at Koddaikkala in annual summer meeting) I secretly wished that ‘this year meeting should be cancelled’.  As I had to handle alone to take all the classes plus several personal talks, even before the meeting started, felt completely exhausted.  Of course Kannan was with me in every meeting (in fact in one meeting, he came the next day sincerely after his mother’s death), yet as he could not take classes in a mixed group of Hindu bhaktas of the Lord and their relatives, I was forced to do all the talking.

There were several such occasions in which I ‘wished’ that program, meeting, trip, visit, etc. would get cancelled.  My selfishness overcoming, I longed for the cancellation of them.  But when God forced me to do it, then I whole-heartedly did my part at my best knowing that this is
His will for me in that particular time. Submission helped me more than to remain rebellious.  Whether I like it or not I will be forced to do which God has already planned.  My grudging will only increase my burden.  Knowing this secret whenever my selfishness tries to overtake me, keeping the cross in my mind I will obey as His grace was available readily when I felt exhausted.

This song I wrote when I thought about several of my ‘wishes’ for the cancellation of several programs in my life.