Bhakti Song 89 – Wrestle


உன்னோடு போராட வேண்டும்-அது

உவப்பாய் எனக்கிருக்க வேண்டும்

உடலோடு, உளமோடு போராடி ஓய்ந்தபின்

உன்னோடு போராட வேண்டும்!

விட்டேனா பார் உன்னை என்றும்

விடாமல் பிடிவாதமாய் நின்று

போராடியேனும் நான் பெறவேண்டும்

அந்தப் புண்ணியம் நீ தரவேண்டும்

வலியவந்தென்னை ஆட்கொண்டு

உன்வழியைக் காண்பித்து-அதில்

தொடர்ந்து நான் முன்னேற

தெய்வமே உன் அருள்வேண்டும்

உலகின் போராட்டம் எல்லாம்

ஓயாது ஒருநாளும் தன்னில்-ஆனால்

உன்னோடு போராடி பெற்ற அருளினால்

வெல்வேனே அதனை நான் என்னில்

               ஜெய்நகர் (மதுபனி. பீஹார்)17-02-1997

English Translation

I should wrestle with you

And it should be pleasing to me

After struggling with my body and becoming tired

I should wrestle with you

I will never let you go

And adamantly standing firmly

I should get it from you by wrestling

And you should give that punya (merit) (of wrestling with you) to me

Voluntarily coming, you redeemed me

And you showed your way to me

And to make progress in it

O God I need your grace

The struggle in this world will

Never come to an end in one day—but

Through the grace which I received by wrestling with you

I will overcome it within me.

Jaynagar, Madhubani, North Bihar, 17-02-1997


Some of you might know the story of Panduranga who stood on the brick whole night as per the request of his devotee, who was serving his parents.  When Vithala (Panduranga) of Pandarpur in Maharashtra came to visit his bhakta; he was massaging his father’s feet.  Then he put a brick outside the house and told the Lord to stand on it not going away till he come back to see him. But he had to serve his father the whole night as he was not well. So the Lord, the story goes, stood on the brick the whole night as per the instruction/command of his devotee.  Such stories of God doing as per the instruction of his bhaktas are wide-spread in various bhakti tradition in India.

So when I was reading about the boxing of Jacob with the Lord, I liked it very much.  Even after knowing that it was God with whom he wrestling, Jacob didn’t allow Him to go unless He blesses him.  In a Jewish culture where God is approached with respect and reverence with a sense of awe and fear, this story came as a surprise to me in the early days.  However I liked it very much as it come very close to our Indian bhakti tradition.  As I was demanding God to wrestle with me, I wrote this song.