Bhakti Song 90 – My Desire

எது வேண்டும்?

ஓயாத உனதருள் வேண்டும்

உலகம், மாமிசம், பிசாசு என்றே

ஒவ்வொருநாளும் தாக்கிடும் போது

ஒருபோதும் மாறாத உன்னதமான–ஓயாத….

பக்தனாய் வாழ்ந்திட வேண்டும்

பலகற்றுத் தடுமாறும் மதியினைச் சாராமல்

தடுத்தாட்கொண்ட உன் தயவினால்

மனதுருகி உன் மான்பினை எண்ணிடும்–பக்தனாய்….

முக்தியினை நீயும் அருள வேண்டும்

செத்தபின் செல்லும் சொர்கத்தை எண்ணி

நித்தமும் வாழ்கின்ற நிலையில்லா வாழ்வு

நரகமாய் மாறிடும் நிலையினை மாற்றிடும்–முக்தியினை….

அத்தா வேறென்ன எனக்கு வேண்டும்?

அடியவன் உந்தன் பக்தன் என்றபெயர்

அடையாமல் வேறெந்த மாண்பை நானும்

அறியாமல் கூட மனதினில் நாடாமல்–அத்தா….

            05-04-1997. மன்கவா (ரீவா. ம.பி)


English Translation

I need your unceasing grace

When the world, flesh and devil

Attack me each day

The unchanging noble (grace I need every day)

I should live as a bhakta

Not depending upon by buddhi which stumbles after learning so many things

By the mercy which redeemed me

I should have a melting heart to think about your greatness—I should live as a bhakta

You should bestow mukti which will change my situation

As I am always thinking about heaven

Which one would attain after death

But making life as a hell

O Lord what else do I require

Not even thinking in my heart any other thing

What will change my status

as your bhakta?

05-04-1997. Mangaon, Rewa, M. P.


When Siva asked Owaiyar what is the boon that she would like to receive from Him, she said: I don’t want rebirth again; even if has to take another birth, I should never forget you’.  In Thevaram, Tirunavukkarasar (Appar) declares his desire for human birth in Koil Tiruviruttam, to behold the beauty of Nataraja (Siva); “Birth as a human being is desirable after beholding Nataraja” . Because the life as a devotee gives that opportunity than attaining mukti.  Tulsidas says that Rama may grant mukti some time, but rarely bhakti.

When Murugan asked Owaiyar ‘which is the greatest thing on earth’, she responded:

Owaiyar: if you ask which one is the greatest (Oh one who holds a spear?)

The universe is the greatest (biggest) one

Universe is the creation of Brahma

Brahma emerged from the navel of Vishnu

Vishnu dwells in the sea

The sea is a part on the head of snake (Adishesha, which bears the entire earth on its head)

The snake is the ring of the little finger of Uma (Consort of Siva)

Uma is part of Siva (as she shares the left side of His body)

Siva dwells in the heart of the devotees

Therefore telling the glory of the devotee is the greatest one.

For me too more than anything else, to call myself as a bhakta of Muktinath is all sufficient in my life.  This song brings this longing in my life.  In India, while great acharyas like Sankara are praised for his knowledge and intellect, most of the saints were remembered only for their bhakti and not for their bhajans and other writings which they left behind.  Though Saint Thyagaraja left hundreds of kirtan in Carnatic music, he is glorified for his Rama-bhakti more so than for his ability to write and compose kirtans.  Meera is known as Bhakta Meera, like Bhakta Ramdas, Except Sankara, in other Vedanta schools like Vishishdadvaita their acharyas are revered not only for their philosophical contribution to their tradition, but their personal piety towards their chosen deities.  Even some followers of Sankara will attribute several devotional works (which are questioned by serious scholars) like Soundarya Lakahari, Ananda Lahari, Bhaja Givindam, Kanakadhara Sostram etc. to point out his devotion to deities.  However this is explained away by his orthodox followers that in order to accommodate the need of common people he established the worship of several deities (known as Panchayatana puja) but in his scheme of Siddhanta (end of truth) there is no place for God.

Well purvamimamsikas also didn’t give much importance to gods and there were several such schools of thought in India.  However the greatness and influence of bhakti made several saints identify themselves as bhaktas than acharyas or philosophers.



முருகன்: பெரியது எதுவோ

ஒளவையார்: பெரியது கேட்பின் வரிவடிவேலோய்

பெரிது பெரிது புவனம் பெரிது

புவனமோ நான்முகத்தான் படைப்பு

நான் முகனோ கரியமாலின் உந்தியில் வந்தோன்

கரியமாலோ அலைகடலுல் ஒடுக்கம்

அலைகடலோ அரவின் தலைக்கொருபாகம்

அரவோ உமையவள் சிறுவிரல் மோதிரம்

உமையோ இறைவன் பாகத்துள் ஒடுக்கம்

இறைவனோ தொண்டர் உள்ளத்துள் ஒடுக்கம்

தொண்டர் தம் பெருமையை சொல்வதும் பெரிதே

—This is from the film Tiruvilayadal, quoted from memory.