Bhakti Song 92 – Why Muktinath?

இவ்வளவு தெய்வங்கள் நம்மிடை இருக்க, நீ ஏன் முக்தேசன் பக்தனாக மாறினாய் என்ற கேள்வி என்னிடம் அடிக்கடி கேட்கப்படுகின்றது. அதற்கான ஒரு பதிலாக எழுதிய பாடல்


முக்தேசன் பின்னே

நூறாயிரம் தெய்வம் நம்மிடை இருக்க

நீ ஏன் சென்றாய் முக்தேசன் பின்னே?

இக்கேள்வி தன்னை என்னிடம் கேட்காதீர்

ஏனென்றால் பதிலும் அறிவீர் நீர்தானே!

எதனால் புவியில் மனிதனாய் வந்தானோ

அதனால் குருவாகி நின்றானே என்வாழ்வில்

நாடியே நானும் செல்லவில்லை அவன்பின்னே

தேடியலைந்தேனே தெய்வத்தைக் காண

தெளிவாய்த் தெரியாமல் அலைந்தேன் என்போக்கில்

அறியாது இருந்த காலத்தை மன்னித்து

அவனாகத் தேடி வந்தானே என்வாழ்வில்

தேடிவந்தவனைச் “சீ” எனனத் தள்ளுவதோ?

என்தேவை உணர்ந்து அவன்பின் செல்லுவதோ?

தெரிவை என்னிடம் அவன் தந்த பின்னாலே!

தெளிவாய் ஆராய்ந்து சென்றேன் அவன்பின்னே நானே!

            17-06-1997. ஈரோடு

English Translation

‘When millions of Gods are among us

Why did you go after Muktesan?’

Don’t ask this question to me

As you know already the answer!

For what purpose He came as a human

He became guru because of that in my life.

I never went seeking after Him

But I wandered searching for God!

Not knowing clearly I wandered as I wished

But forgiving the period of my ignorance

He came in my life seeking after me.

To rejecting Him who sought after me

Or to follow Him after knowing my need?

As He left that decision of choosing with me

I went after Him after clearly testing.

17-06-1997. Erode, Tamilnadu


“You name any teaching that you like or will meet your emotional, intellectual, rational etc. need, they are here in our Hindu tradition.  Then why should you follow an alien God and alien religion?” was the genuine question addressed by many in my life.  Of course they never used these precise words, but in my dialogue they expressed this view. My one answer to them was that I never sought after Him.  In fact I never liked Christianity and even Muktinath because of their negative view towards our deities and religion. But my search for a guru finally ended in Him.  Then accepting Him or rejecting is left to me.  However I gave Him a limited period chance to prove Himself that He is the kind of guru whom I was seeking. And till this day I don’t find any reason to reject Him.  Once He become my guru then He also become my Bhagavan.  On 18-07-2014 in his talk Sri M. V. Ananda Padbanacharayar (on the greatness of acharya (of Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya ‘RAMANUJA VAIBHAVAM) said that ’because He is God, He didn’t become acharya, but because He became acharya He become God’.  So acharya (guru) is even greater than God.  That is why Vishnu by forsaking shastras (weapons) and taking up Sastras (scriptures) took various avataras (like Hamsa, Hayagriva, Vamana, Krishna etc.)

And keeping this question ‘Why Muktinath’ as my purvapaksha (former side; opponents question) I wrote this song.