Bhakti Song 97 – What is the alternative way?

மறுவழி ஏது?

உன்சித்தம் என்னவென்று அறியாமலே

ஓராயிரம் செயலை முன்வைத்தே நாளும்

ஓடியே திரிகின்ற பேதைக்கு இரங்கி

ஓர்வழி காட்டுவாய், வேண்டினேன் நானும்.

சஞ்சலம் கொண்ட மனதுடனே வாழ்ந்து

சரியான பாதை எதுவென அறியாமல்

மதிகாட்டும் வழியிலே மனதையும் செலுத்தி

ஓடுகின்ற பேதைக்கு ஓர்வழி காட்டு

அறியாமல் செய்த பிழை என்றேகூறி

ஐயனே வரவில்லை உன்னடித் தேடி

தெரிந்தே செய்தபிழை என்பதால்தானே

தேடினேன் உன்னடி முக்தேசன் நானே!

ஓர்நாள் இருநாள் என்றே இல்லாமல்

ஒவ்வொருநாளும் போராடு கின்ற

உன்னடியானுக்கு உதவவில்லை என்றால்

உய்ய வழிவேறுண்டோ உன்னருளுமன்றி?

            28-02-1998. துர்காபூர் (மேற்கு வங்கம்)


English Translation

Without knowing your will

Keeping thousands of things before me everyday

Who runs widely showing the proper way

To this ignorant one, I request you

Living with a troublesome heart

Not knowing which is the correct path

Going in my own way as my intellect shows me

Show one good way for this fool who wanders?

O Lord I didn’t come unto your feet

By saying that I have done this mistake unknowingly

As I do this knowingly

O Muktesa I sought your feet

Not one day or two

But as I struggle everyday

If you cannot help yourself

Is there any other means to be saved other than your grace.

28-02-1998. Durgapur (West Bengal)


In the later part of 1990 I was wandering throughout India without having any one place as my base.  I was constantly travelling having one bag for several months continuously.  Several times I become tired of it and was not sure what to do next.  All my dream of doing a seva as I liked, founding an ashram in a place as per my choice (Himalayas is still the best option for me), planning my life as I wished etc. never worked. I was wondering if someone was pushing me and someone dragging me.  A few steps that I took thinking that will be the best place and life for me didn’t materialize and it irritated me and I become upset both with the Lord and those who stopped it.  And out of frustration when I was thinking about it at Durgapur, I wrote this song.

What the Lord said to Peter in John 21:18, has often become true in a limited way in my life—particularly now in this old age.