Cross stitches

I learnt making cross stitch work from my mother when I was around 10 years old.  My mother, who is 87 still making cross stitch works.  Added to the cross stich work, I also learnt making other hand crafts.  Wherever I go, if I see any kind of new craft, which I too can make, immediately I try to learn and began to do.  However, cross stitch still remains a passion for me.  Though I abandoned it for a long time, once I became a samnyasi, again I resumed it and now days make lots of cross stitch work and present them to others.

Others may wonder why a samnyasi should spend his precious time in such mundane art instead of spending time in meditation etc.  For me doing this art work is a kind of meditation.  And those who do such art work will agree with me.

So here I would like to share some of the cross stitch which I made.

Dayanand Bharati.