Living Dialogues

In this section I would like to share my dialogue with myself and with others.   Though I heard about the word ‘dialogue’ very late in my life, yet I was reasoning with myself on several issues since I began to think from my teen age.  Of course as a typical Hindu, I too tried to find answers only in my ‘Hindu tradition’.  So, though I encountered all kinds of issues in my life like any other common person (from teen age to adult hood etc.), yet my search was more in religious tradition than other areas like—science, philosophy, history, psychology etc.  This is quite natural as my family circumstance and general atmosphere of our time provided only this kind of opportunity than what is available to the present generation.

But in my search for religious solutions to several questions in life, I din’t get much help from others.  I won’t blame anyone for this.  Because my need and approach was more personal.  As I dint know how to articulate my struggles and question to communicate properly to others, I had to do my search on my own.  I have done my search with the available source at those time—reading some scriptures, going to religious discourses (called ‘kathakalashebam in Tamil), visiting Temple, participating in rituals etc.  But the one answer that I received from unexpected (even unwanted that time) completely changed the course of my entire life.  That I will be told separately in the Dialogue section on bhakti.

So in this section on Dialogue all kinds of my thoughts and dialogues with various group and issues are posted.  As this blog is my space to share my thoughts, it is quite natural that all of them are not acceptable to everyone and will irritate and provoke many.  But my intention is not to do that, though I cannot escape from this reality also.  So if any of my thoughts and words hurt anyone, and then I request them to forgive me and help me to correct my views and words.

In giving a summary of my thoughts and issues, though I present them in a systematic way by using all kinds of technical terms, yet it was not that way I used to think in the past.  This is true even today.  While I meditate on any subject, though I approach it from various points of view, yet when I began to write them, then it becomes a systematic presentation.  As all written materials cannot escape from this process of systematization (and sometimes over systematization), they cannot represent the original thoughts of any person.  So, though all my written materials help me to communicate my thoughts, yet they cannot completely represent my experience.  Acknowledging this I present them here.

Finally as there is no one to help me at present to edit my English, I post them in the original form as ‘Brain Storms’ with lots of mistakes.   So the readers have to kindly bear with my limitation.  Not minding the language, I request you to consider the subject alone.  If you could help me to correct the language, I welcome it.

December 1, 2011


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