Formula for Success

One boy quoted a Telugu film star who said something like, “If your success is not envied by others, then it is not success at all.”

In response I said, “For me this is another kind of sadism. A truly successful person wants to inspire and challenge others to strive like him, rather than making others jealous. This is poor leadership. But here true spirituality can come to help a person. With all humility, he will encourage others to work hard like him to become successful and even challenge them to press forward, but never will brag that his success becomes real or great only if it creates jealousy in another person.

Here I would like to add more. That boy asked me whether I knew that film star, I said “No.” This shows that the film star’s success is limited only within a certain territory. So his success is not successful enough to make others envy beyond his territory. So for me, he is successful only in creating such envy in a limited area but never truly achieving much in his life.

In this context another person asked about following the model of so-called successful people. For this I said, “We should take the principle of those successful person but should never try to imitate them. Their success depends upon so many other factors, which may not work for you. Suppose a person becomes a successful business person in one area, if another person does the same business in another area, there is no guarantee that he too will be successful. We should take and learn from their principle but should never try to imitate their model.