Is God a Person?

Does God have a humanely form? because according to the bible, human beings are the image of God while in the Gita, it seems like God exists in some metaphysical state.–ss

–Again what Muktiveda talks about the ‘image’ of God is completely different from what Gita talks about God in metaphysical state.  It is a big subject and to give a simple view about both is that, both believe God as a Person and also a Personal God.  Both talks about incarnation and avatara (and basically there is some difference between ‘incarnation’ and ‘avatara’, though we can use avatara to understand about incarnation).  Regarding ‘Muktiveda’s claim that we have created in the Image of God means that we can ‘Know Her’ but we never share in Her ‘essence’.  Whereas regarding Gita, from Vishishtadvaita school of thought our soul is the minute part of God and therefore the entire creation is the body of the Lord.  It is known as ‘parinamavada’, viz., God is not only the efficient cause but also the material cause.  Whereas, according to Muktiveda, God is not the material cause, and only the efficient cause.  But this is a big subject and several volumes of books have been written.

Dayanand Bharati, Gurukulam,March 17, 2011