Lokpal Bill and Politicians

Lokpal Bill and Politicians

No politician wants the Lokpal bill or let the CBI go from their control.  Though finally the Lok Pal bill is introduced in the Parliament yesterday (December 22, 2011), even before it was debated, it was dismissed by the opposition.  And ruling party though pretend that it is serious about bring the bill is happy about this development.  In fact, this too is already arranged by them all.  This may be a wrong assumption, but all their language only confirm this that behind the scene they all worked together not to bring the Lok Pal and before the public they all act.  I may be wrong, but the Lok Pal bill is going to face the same end like the Women’s Reservation Bill.  I can only change my view when finally the Parliament will pass the bill.  Till that time most of us, who cannot understand all the debate and discussion-clearly understood one message: THE POLITICIANS DON’T WANT THIS BILL. As the Tamil proverb says, ‘Who will do black magic against herself at her own expense ‘? (Sondaselavila yaar suniyam vachippanga?)

Another thing that much amused and also irritated me is their cry about the SUPREMACY OF PARLIAMENT.  And to insist this they all in one voice spoke about Anna’s blackmailing outside the parliament.  ‘We won’t and we cannot succumb to such blackmail.  Just one person and few gathered around him cannot detect terms to us’, was their general attack against Anna and his team.  At the same time they are afraid of public opinion.  If they don’t want to consider Anna and his team, they should simply ignore him and his team.  Though I don’t agree with Sri Manisankar Iyer, at least he was honest even calling Anna and his team as a monster whom shouldn’t be listened from the beginning.  If the parliament is supreme and Anna’s event and movement is simply a media creation (as discussed again in Face the Nation on December 22, 2001 night in CNN-IBN), then why they even talk about him INSIDE THE PARLIAMENT?  WHY THEY CANNOT SIMPLY IGNORE HIM AND EVEN NOT MENTION HIS NAME IN ANY OF THEIR VIEWS EXPRESSED BOTH INSIDE AND OUTSIDE PARLIAMENT?  This shows their hypocrisy.  Though we cannot generalize and brush all the politicians in one brush, yet as a class they are hypocrites and general public lost their confidence in them.  At the same time we cannot live without them.  Even those few exceptions that are sincere and serious about their vocation and ideology can’t do much as they are caught up in a system, which become corrupt now.  Most of the politicians though want to IGNORE Anna, yet they cannot do it.  It is like dveshabhakti.  As one often and always remembers her enemy than well-wishers, politicians at present neither can ignore Anna nor can get rid of him.  Even few opposition parties, who pretend to support Anna and his cause, actually only want to use him for their purpose keeping the forth coming elections in few states.

According to me Anna and his movement is neither created by media not even by himself.  It is entirely a creation of our corrupt politicians and their evil system.  And they have to squarely face it.  An enemy from outside can be easily handled but cannot escape or avoid or ignored created by oneself.  Tomorrow Anna and his team may disappear. And media, as usual will have many other issues to take care of its TRP.  But the sentiment which was created by him against the politicians will linger for a long time.  Because even this hate against politicians is not Anna’s creation but self-inflicted by the politicians themselves by DOING POLITICS on every issue.

I write this without reading and understanding Lokpal bill.  But one thing I understood clearly about the politicians—though they are human beings like us and even came out of us (created by us?), yet they are a different creatures, who are exposing their evil openly and parading it shamelessly.  As far as Anna is concerned, when we almost gave up our longing for a corruption less government and fight against corruption, he came and lights a small fire to ignite the public anger and sentiment against corruption.  Once served that purpose he may disappear from the scene tomorrow, but the politicians will again miss one more opportunity given to them to get rid some of their dirt and evil.  But again doing politics openly and secretly behind the scene they prove that certain evils cannot be reformed and one has to live with it.  And knowing this reality we have to live with this evil system for the time being, until a true regeneration begins among them.

After writing this in the morning, I watched on Television interview with Arvind Kejriwal in NDTV 27×7 Hindi channel in the evening.  All his response to the criticism and comments against him and Anna’s Team looks more reasonable and sensible to me (however I cannot understand all about Lok Pal Bill) than the condemnation poured on him and Anna’s Team by the politicians.  To one question about people losing interest in such demonstration and may not even turn in large number for the proposed Anna’s fast from December 27-29, Arvind said that as people are more angry now against the politicians they will turn up.  Then he said that this will be covered by media also.  But one thing is sure, general public may become tired and keep away from such agitation, but opposition parties who want to use Anna’s Team and their agitation for their purpose will make sure that large numbers of their carders participate without showing their political affiliation.  This was already done at Delhi fast in August and will continue.  In the same way, however media introspect for its role and assessment about their involvement and role by become part of this campaign than remain neutral (this was discussed in both Devil’s Advocate by Karan Thapar on 23ed night and also in Face the Nation in CNN-IBN) and objective, they are going to do the entire coverage of the fast, as they have to compete with so many TV channels for TRP.

Whether or not we will get a strong and effective Lokpal but this issue parade the hypocrisy of many, particularly that of politicians and media.  And the credit definitely goes to Anna and his team for this.

Db. December 23, 2011