Looks illogical

Once I read a Chinese proverb that ‘men talk about events and fools talk about men’.  I liked it very much and often quoted in my talk with several people.  But now I began to think about the ‘ill-logic’ in this proverb.  Because, no incident could happen without any involvement of men—both directly and indirectly.  For example, when some natural disaster strikes in one area, then it will become a talk or news when human beings are affected by it.  Otherwise it will remain another incident in nature.  Even those incidents that happen in nature also will become a talk, news or concern only when it will affect humanity in one way or the other—like global warming etc.  So for me any talk on ‘incident’ is nothing but about human.  What is an event, where human beings are not involved?  So many things or events are happening which is not noticed by us.  But only it becomes a point of talk if it is linked to the interest, safety, need etc. of human beings.  And I find some kind of illogic in such proverbs.



May 23, 2013