Need versus Desire

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From Mandy:

When I receive such mail, I used to smile.  One of my shishyas who created this blog for me told that if I don’t receive any email from a known person or anyone writing not related to the subject matter to your article, better delete them and report to spam.  Because such fake emails are created and posted in bulk to various websites to make them to block in future.  Not knowing much about Internet or Computer, following his instruction, till recent past I almost deleted all such mails and retained only few which I received from two known persons (Anugrah and Pawan Aryan).

But another person said to me that he sometime visit my blog and surprised to notice that there is practically no visitors.  Then I told what my shishyas warned me about receiving fake emails.  Then he said, ‘several people will write to you not giving their true email id or real name.  So better you keep those comments which are encouraging.’  So now I keep few comments—but for a short period and then delete them, if they are not related to the subject matter of the article.

The reason for saying is that, in general when we write some thoughts and post them, we naturally have a desire that others should read and give their comments.  But for me it is completely different thing.  Because I write most of my thoughts as ‘brainstorm’ and post them for others who will find some time to read if they are interested in such topic.  But I never expect few general words of appreciation, but serious comments or questions for me to further think on that topic.

Because for me keeping ‘SILENCE’ is my essential sadhana.  Sometimes I won’t receive single phone calls or email in a whole week or any visitor in a whole month.  But I am happy about it as it helps me to continue my sadhana of ‘silence’.  My mother who is staying with me often criticise me that I am a ‘lonely bird’.  ‘You always like to live alone’.  Apart from me, another person that my mother sees every day is the worker who is doing seva (work) here.  But I will see another person every day, my milk man when I get milk from him.  So when my mother becomes tired of such loneliness and boredom she will call someone to talk at least once in a week.

This does not mean that I am eccentric.  I often write about the importance of human relationship and insist on celebrating that relationship in every way in our lives.  But for me such a life ‘alone’ is not something that I LIKE but I NEED it.

I often hear many people saying ‘I like it/this’ on several matters—like food, dress, books, entertainment, fellowship etc.  But for me, if we focus more on our ‘need’ than ‘likes’ then we can handle our life more easily and live more meaningfully.  Desire is not ‘adharma’ (illegitimate or illogical or abnormal) but need is the ‘dharma’ which will sustain us more as a human beings to live meaningfully.

Dayanand Bharati.


Further thought:

When I was going to Andaman back in 1982, I saw the islands where Jeravas and Sentinalis are living away from our civilization in their own world.  Then when I was in Andaman I heard about the attempts to contact and civilize them according to our standard and views. Then on my way back to mainland I wrote the following poem:



நிர்வாணம் அவர்க்குப் புதிதல்ல

நிர்வாணமாய் அவர் வாழ்வதனால்

மெய்ஞானம் அவர்க்குப் புதிரே அல்ல

’அஞ்ஞானம்’ என்னவென்று அறியாததால்


வானமே கூரையாய் ஆனபின்னே

வாழ்வதெற்கென்று ஒரு வீடெதற்கு?

காற்றே உடையாக ஆனபின்னே

மாற்றாடை தேடும் மனமெதற்கு


இயற்கையோடு இணைந்து வாழும்

ஜெரவா  என்ற மெய்ஞானிகள்

ஐயகோ ஆவர் அஞ்ஞானிகள்

நம்முடன் கொண்ட தொடர்பதனால்

True Jnanis (Wise people)

Emancipation (nirvana)@ is not new to them

As they live nakedly

‘jnana’ (wisdom) is not a riddle to them

As they don’t know what is ‘ajana (non-wisdom)


When the sky itself become the roof

What is the need of another house?

When air itself become their dress

Why they should seek extra dress?


Jeravas the True wise people

Who live mingling with nature

Will become ‘unwsie’

Because of the contact they have with us.

@ Nirvana as emancipation.

The ‘Original human beings’ (I don’t like to call them primitive or uncivilized people) live their life having their needs met all these centuries.  By our contact with them, in the name of civilizing them, we will create more desire in their lives—like new concepts of ‘nakedness’ etc.  I don’t say that they don’t have any desire.  But we never knew about it. But now contacting them, we are going to introduce new desires to them, which may go against their need, which so far helped them to live a meaningful.

Of course according to our perception they don’t have a ‘meaningful’ life so far.  But what we mean by ‘meaningful’ life may not be relevant to them as they always live a life of ‘need’ than ‘desire’.