New Mandali

I met few youths at Hyderabad when I went there for a one day program. They all came with so many questions and issues related to their struggle in life, spirituality, religion, social and cultural issues. Some are interested to learn more about Muktinath and others are staunch followers of their own sampradaya in Hinduism, but want to know and learn more about it also. At least three of them were more convinced and said that many of their doubts are now cleared but want to know more about other issues.

Over the next few posts, I will share some of their questions and my answers.


One among them told me that due to his responsibility towards his mother, who lost her father recently and become very much disturbed, he cannot give much time for other kind of spiritual activities like participating with other bhaktas.

In response I said: What you are doing is the exactly what God also expects from you. Your dharma as a son towards your parents, particularly to your mother should be your priority (not at the cost of your studies). And I consider this is true spirituality and also a sadhana. God never expects us to worship Him or come to Him to spend more time at the cost of our respective dharma. Amidst worldly responsibility one should learn to the truth about spirituality.

Spirituality is not keeping away from mundane activities and needs. But doing them all as per the respective dharma is the mark of true spirituality.