Son of the Nation

The ‘son’ is called ‘putra’ as he takes his parent across from hell called ‘put’ — put tarati putra. So every son is under an obligation to do this seva for his parents. But there are few sons who can do this service and also take across several things by their noble service.

One such PLATINUM* opportunity is now knocking at the door of Rahul Gandhi. Yesterday I learned that Rahul has gone outside India to reflect upon all the failures of his party. But he should not let this PLATINUM opportunity slip away to take across hell not only the democracy in India but also his poor mother who deserves a retired life with her grandchildren.

*As he born with a golden spoon studded with diamonds, I don’t want to reduce his status by mentioning ‘golden opportunity’, though he has done the gimmick of eating roti in poor people’s hut during his election campaign, but needs a costly holiday outside India to retrospect about Congress’ debacle in all recent elections.)

Mahatma Gandhi, leaving a prosperous profession at South Africa, motivated by the spirit of seva ‘crossing the ocean’ returned back to India. And because of his noble service he earned the title ‘FATHER OF THE NATION’. Now Rahul can use this opportunity since he crossed several oceans to do another noble seva for Indians. If he does, then on behalf of all Indians I will confer on him the title ‘SON OF THE NATION’, since he would save all of us.

By doing this he can also put an end to the dynasty rules in several states and all the Karunanidi, Syyad, Abdulla, Yadav, Bhadal, and Gowda children can imitate him and earn the title ‘son of the state’ respectively.

Let him select one of his girlfriends (I hope he is successful at least in finding a girl), get married, and settle down in some remote corner of this earth — preferably outside India. One English prince who renounced his right to the crown for the sake of his love for a woman and earned a permanent place in history. Another prince, Siddharta, renounced his right to the throne and become the ‘enlightened one’. Now Rahul can also earn a permanent place in Indian history if he renounces his birth right as the Party President.

We need a strong Opposition with a leader who has the inherent capacity to play that role and not assigned by some faithful followers to the First Family of Congress. Of course, a few of his closest loyal members of the family will miss him, but the majority of his own party men will thank him openly for giving MUKTI to Congress from the Nehru dynasty.

Our country deserves such a seva from you Rahul and don’t miss this PLATINUM opportunity to earn the title ‘SON OF THE NATION’, rather than becoming the President and reducing Congress to one of the regional parties in some states.

Dayanand Bharati, 24-2-2015


Dream #1

Last night in my sleep at midnight, Amit Sha came and told me that if Rahul helps them in their political agenda of a ‘Clean sweep Congress’ they are ready to confer ‘Bharat Ratna’ to him and close that title once for all to epitomise Rahul’s seva as the last recipient of this prestigious award.

He also said that they thought of starting a new award called ‘Bharat Sironmani’ (the jewel on the head) and declare Mohan Bhagawat as the first recipient as he unearthed the secret that Mother Theresa had done her seva with a conversion agenda. And in the future one of the criterions to select anyone to receive this new award (Bharat Sirnomani) is that they should have said something against the (so-called) religious minority in India.

But in my early morning dream, I got some flash news that the secret behind closing Bharat Ratna after conferring it to Rahul is to stop Advani or his supporters to claim it for him next.  Meanwhile Arvind decided to declare an award to find out whether Rahul is in India or outside, as Rahul’s political guru Dig Vijay Singh said that Rahul is holidaying only in India.

Then I got up with a mixed feeling of joy and sorrow for known reasons. Joy because finally the BJP come forward to give recognition to Rahul’s seva, but sad because Rahul is still in India, and will appear with a new avarara on March 10th to further reduce Congress to a regional party.  So Modi’s promise ‘Acha din aayega’ (Good days will come) is still be a distant dream for Indians.



Dream #2

Midnight dreams are our own wishes, and early morning dreams will materialize, but day- dreams are the worst; they are neither are our wishes, nor will they ever materialize. So on the 25th afternoon when I was taking rest, Cho Ramaswami, a staunch supporter of Modi, came in my dram and rebuked me for wishing and recommending Rahul to do a noble seva of giving mukti to Congress. Cho said, “We Modi supporters are hanging our hope for him to get a second term as PM, and we are depending only Rahul and Sonia for it to happen.

“It is a known secret that the BJP came to power not because of its own strength but by the great contribution of the First Family of Congress, particularly Rahul. I don’t trust Modi or Amit Shah for a second term. In fact Shah never trusted anyone, including himself, but only his strategy.  But after the Delhi ‘debacle’ I am not even trusting his strategy, as it made Delhi the BJP to arrange only for an auto (in which three can officially travel), and not even a Nano(which accommodates four) to take its MLAs to the assembly.

“If you wish Rahul to renounce his post as leader in Congress, where is the hope for a second term for Modi? Adding fuel to the fire, even the RSS joined the camp against minorities which so far have been assigned to the auxiliaries of Sang Parivar (VHP, Bajrang dal etc.). So never put such a request to Rahul.”

Since I am a great fan of Cho, I accept his rebuke, but then I nearly woke up with a nightmare that Rahul would become the Congress President. But Cho returned and said, “But this does not guarantee that Advani will receive Bharat Ratna.”

Then I got up from my sleep and my nightmare became a reality as Congress decided to make Rahul the President in April. But who can alter the natural law that “in the economy of God the sinless has to die for the sinful.” But in politics who is sinless and who is sinful will remain an evading question.

So I with draw my request and ask Rahul to return back to India — since Congress needs a scapegoat.



Dream #3

This is the flash news which Digvijay Singh came and told me in my dream. When Anna decided to launch a dharna (protest) against the Land Acquisition Bill at Delhi, Congress supported and declared that Rahul would participate in it. But later they realized that Anna never allowed any politician to share the stage with him — except the AAP (Aam Admi Party), as his movement gave birth to it. So if Rahul was present at that time, he would have to sit with the common people, which is impossible for the crown prince of Congress. On his own initiative he can eat in a hut of the poor people or sleep there, but when he participates in other’s programs, he cannot lower his dignity. So his political guru, Digvijay Singh alone advised him to take a holiday and go and hide somewhere in the name of thinking (!?! which he often outsources to others) over the Congress debacle.

People like Anna, Mahatma Gandhi, and Jayaprakash Narayanan are always a problem for politicians. Claiming to be APOLITICAL, they do all kinds of political things and create problems for the professional politicians. Politicians have no problem with their opposition parties, as ‘birds of a feather flock together’. Though they openly oppose each other in Parliament, state assemblies and T.V. debates, they work together behind the scenes, keeping their (political) interests. As people like Mahatma Gandhi and his species claim some kind of transparency, the politicians can neither live with them nor without them. So after declaring their support in public, in order to keep their personal dignity and politics, escaping from them is the only way to keep this ‘love/hate’ relationship for the politicians.

This is the secret of Rahul’s holiday. Since no one reads these articles, Digvijay Singh gave me permission for me to share this news OPENLY FIRST IN MY BLOG AS I AM ALWAYS AHEAD OF all other blogs to expose the true color of the politicians which are revealed in my dreams.



1. I added to this joke which appeared in Thuglik 4-2-2015, p. 31 which was shared from the Website. One such joke is: TATA’s Nano is better than BJP, Western toilet is better than Congress. Nano has four seats but BJP has only three, toilet has one seat but Congress has none’.