Bhakti Song 1 – Come Let Us Worship Him

One of my favourite ragas is ‘Bhupalam’. It is a morning raga. From my childhood I listened to several songs in the early morning both from temples and on the radio. It gave a sense of divine presence with the bird’s voices as a background. One morning, as I was listening to the voices of the birds, these words immediately came in my mind and I wrote this song.


1. போற்றித் துதிப்போம்

பொழுது புலர்ந்தது புள்ளினம் கூவிற்று
போற்றித் துதிப்போம் புனிதன் (முக்தே)ஈசனை*
அருணன் உதித்தனன் அன்பர்கள் சூழ்ந்தனர்
ஆனந்தப் பண்பாடி அண்ணலைப் போற்றுவோம்
பூவினம் மலர்ந்தது, பூதளம் விழித்திற்று
போற்றித் துதிப்போம் புனிதன் (முக்தே)ஈசனை
ஆலய மணி ஓசை அன்பரை அழைத்தது
ஆனந்தப் பண்பாடி அண்ணலைப் போற்றுவோம்
தூயவர் போற்றினர், தூதர்கள் பணிந்தனர்
துங்கவன் ஈசனின் தெய்வீக நாமத்தை
துயர் துடைப்போனை தூய்மை அளிப்போனை
தொழது பணிந்திட தொண்டர்கள் வாரீர்
தேசங்கள் போற்றின திருமறை வாழ்த்திற்று
திருப்பாதம் பணிந்துநாம் தினமும் வாழ்த்துவோம்.


English Translation:

“Come let us worship Him”

The day has dawned and birds are singing
Let us praise the Holy Lord Muktesan
The Sun has risen and the devotees have gathered
Let us sing (a) joyful song and glorify Him.
Flowers have blossomed and the world has woken up
Let us praise the Holy Lord Muktesan
Temple bells are calling the devotees
Let us glorify Him by singing a joyful song
The saints are glorifying Him and
the angels are adoring the divine Name of the Lord Muktesan
Come ye all devotees to bow and serve Him who
removes all our sorrow and gives holiness
All the Nations glorify Him and the Holy Scriptures praise Him
Let us also daily glorify Him bowing at His Holy feet.



As a new bhakta in the early walk of my faith, I tried to develop a more personal relationship with the Lord than just an intellectual one. This is quite common for a Hindu. With a few exceptions, faith for most Hindus starts with a relationship with a Person rather than a clear understanding of their faith. This is common within Hinduism too. Most Hindus never bother to know more about their bhakti. They are happy to remain a simple bhakta to their chosen deity. Though we should not remain like this, for me, in spite of all the mental effort to understand my bhakti — the final melting pot for me is my relationship with Him as His bhakta.

When I am not clear about various doctrinal aspects or a hermeneutical or exegetical understanding of the Muktiveda, my bhakti helps me press forward with the assurance that He is there to walk along with me. For me bhakti strongly anchors me in the Lord, though faith is often tossed by the rough waves created by the intellectual storms.