Bhakti Song 25 – Godless Knowledge

When I was reading Tukaram’s poems at Sat-tal ashram on 05-12-1990, inspired by their meaning, I wrote the next two songs


இறையறியா ஞானம்


பதரை உரலிலிட்டுப்

பலமுறை குத்தினாலும்

ஓர்மணி அரிசிதான்

உமக்கவை தந்திடுமோ?

எவ்வளவு காற்றாலும்

இறையறியா உன்ஞானம்

மணியற்ற சாவிதானே

மனதில்நீ கொண்டிடுவாய்.


English Translation

Godless Knowledge


Repeatedly pounding the husk

Won’t give a single grain

However you learn

Without the knowledge of God

Learning too will become

A husk without a grain

Remember this in your heart




For me one can have knowledge without bhakti, but one cannot have bhakti without knowledge. Mere learning without bhakti is like pounding the husk. Similarly without proper knowledge bhakti will remain mere sentiment leading to blind faith. Knowledge helps to remove the ignorance. Without removing the outside cover one cannot eat raw paddy. If the outer cover is ignorance, knowledge helps remove it. But mere learning just for the sake of seeking information without bhakti will never lead to true knowledge.