Bhakti Song 37 – Why This Much Mercy

However our sins suppress us and create depression in us, with the help of the grace of God we can overcome it and press forward. When I was thinking on this I wrote this song.


ஏன் இரக்கம்?






















17-11-1991. காட்மாண்டு (நேபாள்)


English Translation

Why this much mercy

On this poor one

What reason you found

To give new life again to me?


I am the worst sinner

I didn’t find a way out of it

People have seen my

Life with much strain in it


My heart feels shy

When I think about all the sins which I have committed

As they come back again and again like a wave in my thought

I forgot to see a new life again


This become the main reason

For me to drown in sorrow and pain

And began to stumble and struggle

You gave lot of grace on this poor one


Though I cannot repay this

With any gratitude

Help me to sing your glory

In the rest of my life


17-11-1991. Katmandu (Nepal)



Somewhere I read that “mercy deals with what I have done and grace deals with what I am”. That is why we humans can show mercy and have compassion for others but we can never show grace to anyone. Grace is the undeserving kindness of God. And His mercy is His action to redeem us. As Grace deals with what I am, bhakti always focuses on the grace of God. According to my limited reading I found the word ‘Grace’ (arul in Tamil) more in Tamil bhakti songs than the word ‘mercy’. Above all the word ‘mercy’ is also seeking the help of God to overcome physical needs and pains. Whereas, Grace is sought to overcome the inner struggle. But one important difference from Muktiveda and Hinduism could be that our bhakti is a prerequisite to receive grace from God whereas in Muktiveda it is an unconditional one from God which one could reject but can receive through any other means other than faith.

Grace is free, but it is not a freebie to be distributed at random, particularly to those who never seek or felt no need for it.

Faith is the karma from our side to receive it. Though bhakti and faith could be the same, yet in Hinduism bhakti is not merely a response but a relationship which reciprocates God’s love. So in a subtle way a non-bhakta cannot receive the grace of God. However, bhakti has various facets which will allow even one who hates god can also receive grace. This is known as ‘dveshya bhakti’. Whereas faith as karma helps us to receive and realize the Grace, it leads us to have the relationship with God which becomes bhakti.