Bhakti Song 40 – Tamil Song Like Honey

On 10-12-1992 after morning devotion I wrote the following song in Tamil Pan Isai.

தீந்தமிழ்ப் பண்

தீங்குழல் யாழொடும் தேந்தமிழ்ப் பண்ணொடும்

தேவனின் கிருபையால் திருவடி அண்டினோம்

நாதனே நாயகா நண்பனே அன்பனே

நாடினோம் திருவடி நாளும் உன் அருள்வேண்டி

காலையும் மாலையும் கண்ணயர் வேளையும்

காத்திடும் கனிவுடன் கண்மணிபோல் எம்மை

ஆருளர் நீயன்றி அடியவர் மீதிறங்க?

அண்டினோம் திருவடி அனுதினம் அருள்வேண்டி

உள்ளும்புறமும் ஒவ்வொரு செயலிலும்

உன்னருள் நாமத்தை உணர்வுடன் தியானிக்க

செய்திடும் செயலெல்லாம் செவ்வையாய்ச் செய்திட

சேவடி அண்டினோம் ஸ்வாமி உன்னருள் வேண்டி

வீண்சிந்தை வெறும்வார்த்தை வேண்டாத உறவுகள்

வேதனை தந்திடும் வீணான செய்கைகள்

யாவையும் நீக்கியே நாளும் உன்புகழ்பாட

நாதனே அண்டினோம் நல்லருள் புரிவாயே


English Translation

With melodious flute and honey like Tamil song

We come unto the Holy Feet by the Grace of the Lord

O Lord, O the Leader, O my friend and beloved One

We sought your Holy feet seeking your grace each day.

Every morning, evening and during sleeping hours

Protect us gently like the apple of the eye

Who else is there to show mercy to your devotees

We sought the Holy feet seeking your grace each day.

Both in and out and in every work we do

In order to meditate your graceful Name

(and) to do every work perfectly

we sought your Holy feet seeking your grace O Lord

by removing vain words, unwanted relationship and

those unfruitful works which give pain and sorrow

and to praise you every day;

O Lord we seek you and give your grace to us.



Most of my poems were written for other reasons, but very few are written just to worship the Lord. When I sit to worship the Lord, most of the time it turns into a time for meditation or prayer as so many thoughts will overcome the spirit of worship. In the early days of my bhakti, I heard about a formula known as ACTS: ‘a’ for accession or assent, ‘c’ for confession, ‘t’ for thanksgiving and ‘s’ for supplication. Several times I tried to follow this format as much as possible. Specific instruction will be given only for ‘thanksgiving’ no ‘confession’ or ‘supplication’ in time of thanksgiving and not thanksgiving in supplication, etc.

Though such a discipline could help a new bhakta properly trained in her sadhana, I found it more artificial. However in any corporate worship some kind of order is required rather than creating a free-for-all. But for me, worship should come naturally and spontaneously which will elevate our spirit to experience the glory of God, helping us rise above our mundane needs. Though this song also includes some supplication, although it was written with a spirit of worshiping the Lord. We often sing this song in our mandali here.