Bhakti Song 47 – Over Lord Me


என்னையும் மீறி என்னை


என்மீதே எனக்கு வெற்றி

என்பதும் இல்லையன்றோ!

நடைபயிலும் குழவியே நான்

நாலடி எடுத்து வைத்தால்

தடுமாறி விழுகின்றேன்

நன்கறிந்த தாயே நீ

மெல்ல என் கரம்பிடித்து

என்னுடனே நீ நடந்து

தடுமாறும் போதெல்லாம்

தாங்கிடுவாய் தயவாக

விட்டுப் பிடிப்போமென்று

வேடிக்கை பார்த்தாயானால்

விழுவதோ உண்மையது

ஆனால் பழிவரும் உன்மீது

வேண்டாம் இவ் வேடிக்கை

வேண்டுதல் அல்ல இது!

ஆணை இடுகின்றேன்

ஆட்கொண்டு வழிநடத்து!

முக்தி நாதனே உன்மீது

எனக்குள்ள உரிமையினால்

உளறுகின்றேன் இதுபோல

மழலைமொழி பொறுதருள்வாய்!


27-05-1993. வாரணாசி. மாத்ருதாம் ஆஸ்ரம்.


English Translation

Unless you, overcoming me completely

And make me as your own

I cannot find victory

Over me by any means

I am like a child

Which while learning to walk

Stumbles often

As my mother you know this

Holding my hand gently

Walking along with me

Uphold me with your mercy

Whenever I stumble

If you want to see how I fare

And give up

My falling is sure

And you will be blamed for this

So don’t have this thamasha

This is not a request

But a command from me

And by over-lording lead me

Muktinatha as I have

Some right with you

I often babble like this

And forgive this childlike talk.


27-05-1993. Varanasi, Matrrudham Ashram.



Bhakti gives the immense right not only to plead but also to demand from God. This I have done often in my life. As I gave up my independence to Him, I too have equal right to demand certain things and can command the Lord to do some special favors to me.

One time at Baraharva (present Jarkhand) I got a severe case of malaria. That night after 11.00 I felt severely thirsty, but I could not get up from the mat where I was laying down. Then lying down, I said this to the Lord, “See you are a single man and I am a single man. So you should understand my problem. Immediately I need some water to drink but I cannot get up. If I die on this condition, others will blame you as I completely gave my life to you. If you don’t want help me, at least to save your name, better to arrange some water for me.”

Then I began to sweat severely and the fever went away completely. I managed to get up from my mat and make hot water mixed with Viva (Horlicks) and drank it. Then I lay down and again the fever came. But I was a bit shrewd and removed the bolt from inside the door and lay down on my bed. The next day when I woke up, I was in the hospital. My coworker had come next day morning to invite me for some program and as I lost my conscience, he knocked the door. As there was no response, he pushed and found me unconscious and took me to the hospital to admit.

Later when I recovered completely I said to the Lord, “Thank you. I only asked for water, but you provided a hot drink.” Several times, I won’t plead with the Lord, but simply instruct Him what He has to do.

Total surrender expects total control over me by the Lord. So any fall from my side could be viewed that He allowed me to fall either to test or to show my limitation. But bhakti warns the Lord not to exceed His limit too, where finally He too has a share in my failures. God respects Free will, but once I surrendered that Free Will to Him, I enter in a special relationship with Him to demand, command and warn God. It might look odd, but in bhakti it is not strange.