Bhakti Song 50 – Separation

Several unnecessary works bring some kind of separation between us and God. When I was thinking about this I wrote this song in Gonda on 15-03-1991.


பிரிக்குதே எனதன்பை உன்மீது

புவியின் பலவித காரியங்கள்

அவைமீது நான்கொண்ட ஆசைகளும்

ஐயனே அழிக்குதே ஆதி அன்பை

நான்செய்யும் பலவித காரியங்கள்

நாளுமே என்நலம் நாடி மட்டும்

நானுமே செய்கின்ற காரணத்தால்

நலிந்தது எனதன்பு உன்மீது!

சொல்லிடக் காரணம் பல உண்டே

செய்திடும் செயல்கள் அத்தனைக்கும்

ஆயினும் என்மனம் நன்கறியும்

அவைமீது நான்கொண்ட பற்றினையும்

ஒவ்வொருநாளும் எதோ ஒன்று

நம்மிடை பிரிவினை செய்திடவே

ஆயத்தமாகிக் காத்து நிற்கும்

ஐயனே என்செய்வேன் இந்நிலையில்?

என்மீது கொண்ட அன்பதனால்

இம்மட்டும் காத்து வந்ததுபோல்

இனிமேலும் தாங்கி நடத்தாவிட்டால்

எனக்கில்லை வெற்றி இப்போராட்டத்தில்

16-03-1993. கோண்டா (உ.பி)


English Translation

Several things of this world

separate me from your love.

My love to them also

Destroy my first love for you.

Several things which I do everyday

As I do only seeking

my own welfare

My love towards you too is perished.

I have several excuses to tell

For all the work that I do

Yet my heart knows well

The desire that I have towards them.

Each day some thing

Will be ready and stand

To bring separation between us.

O Lord what can I do in this situation?

Because of you have love for me

As you protected me so far

Unless you uphold and lead me

I won’t get victory in this struggle.

16-03-1993. Gonda U. P.



This is the reality even today. I do several things which are not so important. But I give some excuse for them. My mother too often rebukes that I am wasting my time and money in doing several things which I shouldn’t do as a sannyasi (like making pickle, doing cross stitch work, etc.) Several times in the name of doing small things for others, finally I will end up spending lots of time in it.

But soon I realized that I need to do some other things to relax my brain. Above all I see that God has given me some talents which I should use to serve others. I cannot separate many or all my activities as secular versus spiritual. And it also depends upon how others see them from their point of view. For example buying all these books and spending lots of time reading them is a mere waste for my mother. But I cannot think of spending a day without reading something. Likewise making pickle and doing cross stitch might look strange in a sannyasi’s life. But for me they are not mere work but some kind of creative activity which helps me to have a break from routine life. Above all in a single person’s life, some kind of creativity is essential to have some inner satisfaction. Of course I should guard myself from the temptation of becoming obsessed with my hobbies and creative activities. Whatever might be my vocation in life, Muktiveda and my bhakti in the Lord help me to see me as a human than through the window of this world—like sannyasi, single person etc. While svadharma1 of Hinduism brings some restriction, Muktiveda helps me to lead an integrated life as human.


1. Technically ‘svadharma’ is one’s own dharma based on birth and vocation. For example a Brahmin brahmachari can do certain thing and should not do certain things, as his svadharma based on his birth as a Brahmin and vocation as a brahmachari sets limitation. Technically this is known as ‘varnaashramadharma = varna (order and caste also) ashrama (stage as bachelor, family man, forest dweller and sannyasi) dharma.