Bhakti Song 58 – Content of the heart

இதயத்தின் நிறைவு

உதட்டால்மட்டும் துதித்தால் போதுமோ?

உள்ளம் உன்னிடம் வந்தே சேராமல்?

ஊர்மெச்ச நாமும் வாழ்ந்தாலே போதுமோ?

உண்மை ஒன்றும் வாழ்க்கையில் இல்லாமல்!

குருடருக்கு வழிகாட்டும் குருடர் போலவே

குவலயத்தில் பலர் போதனை செய்கிறார்

இடறுவார் அவரும் ஒருவரில் ஒருவர்

இகத்தில் இதுவென்றும் மாறாத உண்மையே!

அகத்தில் அசுத்தம் ஆயிரம் இருக்கையில்

ஆடம்பரம் என்ன புறம்பான செயலில்

இதயத்தில் உண்மை என்றும் வேண்டும்

ஐயனே அதற்கு நீ உதவிடவேண்டும்!

இதயத்தின் நினைவால் வாயது பேசும்

இதைஉணர்ந்தே நான் இங்கு நன்று

தீட்டுள்ள இதயம் தூய்மை பெறவே

தூயவா உன்னருள் நாடினேன் இன்று

31-08-1993. கோண்டா (உ.பி)


English Translation

Is it enough to praise you with mere lips

Without the heart reaching you?

Is it enough to live a life appreciated by others

Without integrity in life?

As the blind leads the blind

Several teach on this earth

They will stumble one on the other

This is the unchanging reality here.

What is the use of all pomp and show

When thousands of defects are in the heart?

Integrity is needed in the heart

O Lord you should help for that

As the lips speaks

As per the content of the heart

To cleanse the defiled heart

O Holy one I sought your grace today.

31-08-1993. Gonda, u. p.



“No one ever lived above her creed.” Particularly in our bhakti in the Lord we always feel like a dwarf not only before other bhaktas but even before the standard of the world. A few times I felt that it would be better if I don’t know the Lord. Because the demand of the Lord in morality, the goal post is always raised. There never comes any satisfaction in spiritual or moral life. The raising of the goal post alone is not the problem for me but when it comes to spirituality and morality, God never allows me to be satisfied. I often said that the day we begin to feel satisfied in our spiritual and moral life, we began to dig our own grave. Some kind of melancholy, some kind of depression in spiritual and moral areas never allow me to enjoy normal life too. However I realized soon that this dissatisfaction in spiritual and moral areas is a symptom that I am still alive and will try to swim against the current, unlike a dead fish which is carried along the current of the water in the river.

It is interesting to note that in other areas in life, once we achieve the goal, we have to strive to maintain the success. But in spiritual life the goal will never be achieved as it is it remains always at a distance. And most of our efforts are to maintain where we began and continue to struggle to press forward.