Bhakti Song 6 – I am the Clay

This is also a translation of the English Hymn “Have Thine Own Way Lord.” Since the meaning of this hymn affected me a lot, I wrote this poem. It is not a literal or verbatim translation.

6. குயவன் நீ

உன்சித்தம் செய்யும் உன் சித்தம் செய்யும்
குயவன் நீ உன்கையின்; களிமண்னே நான்
உருவாக்கும் உருவேற்றும் உன்சித்தம் போல
ஒப்புவித்தேன் என்னைப் பூரணமாய்

உன்சித்தம் செய்யும் உன்சித்தம் செய்யும்
உள்ளும் புறமும் ஆராய்ந்து பாரும்
பனியினும் வெண்மையாய் கழுவிடும் என்னை
கடவுளே உன்னடி பணிந்திடும் என்னை

உன்சித்தம் செய்யும் உன்சித்தம் செய்யும்
நொருங்குண்டேன் நோவுண்டேன் கண்நோக்கிப் பாரும்
வல்லமையாவும் உள்ளவன் நீயே
ஒருவார்த்தையாலே குணமாக்குவாயே

உன்சித்தம் செய்யும் உன்சித்தம் செய்யும்
என்முழுத் தன்மையை ஆட்கொள்ளவாரும்
ஆவியின் வல்லமை அனுதினம் தாரும்
அனைவரும் என்னில் உன்னையே காண!

English Translation

Carry as you will, Lord; I am mere clay in your hand
Shape me, mould me as per your will
I offer myself totally to you.

Carry as you will Lord; search me in and out
Cleanse me purer than snow
O God, the one who worship at your feet

Carry as you will Lord;…
I become sick and broken down, look unto me
You are the one who have the power
Heal me by your one word

Carry as you will Lord….
Come to overtake my whole being
Give the strength of your Spirit
So that all can see your  might in me


There are a few other English hymns I like. My favourite one is ‘Just as I am, without one plea’ and ‘Blessed assurance Jesus is mine’. In fact I even chose the title ‘This is my story’ for my journey in the Lord and ‘This is my song’ for the collection of my songs. Similarly I like some Hindi songs and bhajans.

More than this, I have never hesitated to use some Hindu bhajans that use a generic name for God (Tu pyar ka sagar hai; Itana Shakti hame deno data, etc.). In a few occasions I just changed the deity’s name and made it as a generic name for God. At the same time, in my personal devotion and meditation sometimes I sing them keeping the original name as it is — as I take the meaning more seriously than the Name.

For example as I liked the bhajan, ‘romu romu me basanevala Ram’ (Rama who dwells in every hair of my body) I have no hesitation to sing it as it is even with the name Rama in it. As the word ‘Rama’ also means ‘pleasant one’ I sang this song meditating on the ‘pleasant’ nature of the Lord.

Bhakti has helped me to feel at home with other bhakta’s experiences however we differ in our theology. Doctrine divides and bhakti unites. However the same bhakti also failed to remove discrimination based on birth, status and position. But we cannot blame bhakti for it. It will serve us the way we use it for our spiritual growth.

At the same time in the name of respecting others’ experience, I never say ‘all the roads leads to the same destiny’. This is a big subject and I cannot say more here. True bhakti never ‘hurts’ others though ‘reviling’ other deities is part of religious tradition everywhere. Similarly, though I cannot understand non-Indian music, I have always enjoyed the meaning in such hymns as they have deepened my bhakti in the Lord.