Bhakti Song 60 – To tell my story

This song is based on the Hindi song ‘He prameshvar charanu tumari’ which I learnt at Mathridham ashram at Varanasi. I think it was written and composed by Fr. Anil Dev.

“ஹேபரமேஷ்வர் சரணு துமாரி” என்ற ஹிந்தி பாடலைத் தழுவி எழுதப்பட்டது:

என் கதை சொல்ல

திருவடி தன்னைத் தேடியே வந்தேன்

என்மன வேதனை உன்னிடம் சொல்ல

உன்னிடம் மறைக்க ஒன்றுமே இல்லை

உள்ளம் முழுதும் நீ அறிந்ததினாலே

உருக்கம் நிறைந்தவன் என்பதினாலே

உன்னிடம் வந்தேன் என்கதை சொல்ல–திருவடி….


உள்ளொளி நீயே என்மனதினிலே

உண்மை வழி நீ உத்தம நண்பன்

உன்னிடமன்றி யாரிடம் சொல்வேன்

உள்மனப் பாரம் துன்பங்கள் யாவும்–திருவடி….


அன்பின் கயிற்றால் உன்னுடன் பிணைத்தாய்

முக்திவழிதனை எனக்காய்த் திறந்தாய்

எனக்காய் உனது இன்னுயிர் தந்தாய்

அதனால் வந்தேன் இக்கதை சொல்ல–திருவடி….

13-09-1993. கோண்டா (உ.பி)

English Translation

I come unto your holy feet

To pour out my heart’s pain

I have nothing to hide

As you know me completely

As you have compassion

I come unto you tell my story

You are the inner light in my heart

You are the truth path and my true friend

With whom shall I share

All my heart burdens and pains?

You tied me with you with the cord of love

You opened the way of mukti for me

You gave your sweet life for me

Therefore I come unto to you to tell this story.


13-09-1993. Gonda U. P.


This is one of my favourite Hindi bhajans. The music and the words move one’s heart if we sing it in solitude pouring out our heart. Particularly the words: ‘tum na suno to kisko sunaavum/ dardh kahaani jo laayaa hum (If you don’t listen then who else can I tell / About this painful story which I have brought) are the highlight of this song for me. In our bhakti the Lord is the final resort for us when every other thing fails. Like every other human being, we too try our best with all our means to overcome any struggle. We may go the Lord first and tell this through our prayers. Then we will do our best to resolve that crisis. Other bhaktas of the mandali also could do their part. Finally when everything fails, we turn to the Lord surrendering “Let your will be done.” This a true bhakta will never do out of frustration like a Hindu blaming the ‘fate’ on which even God have no control. We surrender after doing our part knowing well that “There is no security outside the will of God” and “God works everything only for our good as we love Him.”

But we have every right to go to lament and pour out our heart to Him. Several times in my life singing such songs bring more peace to me than thinking about the verses from Muktiveda. Music has its own therapy to heal us. It is a great misfortune that we don’t have Muktiveda in poetic form like many Hindu scriptures. Fortunately songs and music are allowed in our faith unlike Islam. But I heard that in one particular church they don’t allow songs or music. I cannot imagine my bhakti without songs and bhajans which is part of our heritage—as music and songs are part of our life from cradle to grave.

Here I am sending this bhajan in roman script. When I have time I will record it and send the music too.

he parameshvar sharan tumaari aaya hum

meri khaani caran tumaari laayaa hum

kuchu na chipaa hai prabhuvar tume se

antaruyaami tum ko pata hai

loog kahe tume dayaa kaa saagar

aruj suno prabhu aayaa hum

tum ho to meri jeevan jyoti

tum ho raahi tum hii saathi

tum na suno to kisko sunaavum

dardh kahaani jo laayaa hum

pyaar kii tu ne bandhi dori

mukti kii dii hai caadar koori

mereliye tu ne jaan gavaayi

nayaa jeeva mai paayaa hum.

                        (Sri Anil dev?)

O God, I have come to take refuge in you

I have brought my story to your feet 

I haven’t hidden anything from you O Lord

You the Inner Controller know everything

People say that you are the Ocean of mercy

Come O Lord and listen I have come 

You are the Light of my life

You are the road and my companion on it

If you don’t listen then who else can I tell to

About this painful story which I have brought

How much I am tied with the cords of love

Salvation you have given by offering Yourself

You have given your life for me

I have received new life