Bhakti Song 76 – A Request

ஓர் வேண்டுதல்

ஞானம் வேண்டும் நானொன்றும் அறியாத

மூடன் என்ற உண்மை அறிய!

நேயம் வேண்டும் உன்னை என்றும்

ஊள்ளபடி உணர்ந்து உன்னடி தொழுதிட!

ஆசை வேண்டும் ஆன்மீகக் கடல்மூழ்கி

அழியாமை என்னும் நல் முத்தெடுக்க!

அருளும் வேண்டும் அச்செல்வம் பிறர்க்கும்

பகிர்ந்து அளித்து உன் ஆசிபெற!

இரக்கம் வேண்டும் இல்லார்க்கு என்னால்

இயன்றவரை தந்து சேவை செய்ய!

எல்லாம் இருந்தும் ஐயனே நான்

உன்னோடு வாழும் உயர்வே வேண்டும்!


English Translation

I need jnana to know the truth

That I am a fool not knowing anything

I need love to know you as you are

And to worship you

I need desire to dive in the ocean of spirituality

To pick up the pearl of Mukti

I need your grace to share that wealth with others

And to receive your blessing

I should have mercy to help the needy

And to serve them as much as possible

Though I might have everything O Lord

I need only the glory of living with you



The core of bhakti is abiding in the Lord; all other things related with bhakti are secondary. In other words they are only a means to the end and also a by-product of bhakti. Of course bhakti motivates (or even forces) us to have proper knowledge about ourselves and also about God. It will make us long to have true love for the Lord and worship and adore Him in Truth and Spirit. It will motivate us to ‘work out our own mukti with much fear and trembling’ by diving deep in the spiritual ocean to find out that pearl. And it will compel us to share that joy with others. Bhakti also will make us be sensitive to the need of others and never keep it as a private property. But all these will come to an end as time passes and when our buddhi, heart and body refuse to cooperate when we advance in age. But the longing of the atman to abide in Him will continue as Bhakti is centred around Him.