Bhakti Song 87 – You Bestowed Everything

எல்லாம் அளித்தாய்

உள்ளம் அளித்தாய்

உணர்வும் அளித்தாய்

உன்னருள் தன்னை

உவந்தே அளித்தாய்

எண்ணம் அளித்தாய்

ஏற்றம் அளித்தாய்

ஏழைக்கு இறங்கி

ஞானம் அளித்தாய்

சிந்தை அளித்தாய்

சீலம் அளித்தாய்

சீர்பட வேண்டியே

சித்தம் வைத்தாய்

எல்லாம் அளித்து

ஏழை எனக்கு

உன்னை அளித்தாய்

உவப்பாய் நீயே!

உள்ளம் எண்ணம்

சிந்தை எல்லாம்

உவப்பாய் நானும்

உன்னில் வைக்க

என்றும் வைப்பாய்

என்மீது இறங்கி

ஐயனே உந்தன்

கிருபை தன்னை!

               ஈரோடு, 28-08-1996.

English Translation

You gave heart

And also a proper sense

To understand

Your grace

You gave me thought

You uplifted me

You bestowed your wisdom

Taking mercy on this poor man

You gave me mind

You gave ethics

You have willed

For me to become upright

After giving everything

To this poor one

You gave yourself

With joy

To keep my

Heart, thought

Mind and others things

Happily in you

You continue to keep

In your grace

By showing mercy

On me always.

    Erode, Tamilnadu, 28-08-1996.


When I was praying for several needs both for me and others, I thanked God for the answer that I received for those prayers.  However when I thought about the permanent blessings which accompany the Grace of God even without being asked, I wrote this song.  The heart, thoughts, wisdom, ethics, etc. are the common grace of God apart from what He bestowed through His creation for us.  Often I take for granted them as if I inherited them because of my birth as a human.  Though, heart, mind, ethics, wisdom, etc. are common for every human being, they become fresh for me as they are renewed by the power of transformation through His Words, Spirit and Grace.  How many times do we take time to think about this gift in our lives from God?  Even all the common graces become special and meaningful when they are regenerated by the Grace of God.  Otherwise we will take them for granted as if we inherited them because of some evolution process.