Bhakti Songs 9 & 10 – Worship

On 30 September 1986 when I got up in the early morning in Gonda, I wrote the following two songs as I heard the birds singing. The first one (9) is Raga Bhupala. The second one (10) is in a light style.

9. போற்றின

காலைக் கதிரவன் கீழ்த்திசை தோன்றினான்
காகமும் குருவியும் கானங்கள் பாடின
இயற்கை அன்னையும் இன்துயில் எழுந்தாள்
இறை முக்தேசனின் மலரடி பணிந்தாள்–காலைக் கதிரவன்….

ஆவினம் புள்ளினம் ஆர்ப்பரித் தெழுந்தன
ஆயிரமாயிரம் தூதரும் பணிந்தனர்
பரிசுத்தர் யாவரும் பாடியே போற்றினர்
பரன் முக்தேசனின் மலரடி பணிந்தனர்–காலைக் கதிரவன்….

பூவினம் புள்ளினம் புனிதனைப் போற்றின
பொய்கையும் அருவியும் கீதங்கள் பாடின
ஆயிரமாயிரம் பக்தரும் மகிழ்ந்தனர்
அன்பன் முத்தேசனின் மலரடி பணிந்தனர்–காலைக் கதிரவன்….

கோண்டா (உ.பி) 30-09-1986


English Translation


The morning Sun appeared in the east
Birds and crows sang songs
Mother Nature also got up
And worshipped at the feet of Muktesan

Cattles and birds got up with enthusiasm
Thousands and thousands of angles bowed down
The Saints glorified the Lord by singing
And bowed at the feet of Muktesan

Flowers and birds hailed the Holy One
Streams and Waterfalls sang songs
Thousands and thousands of devotees rejoiced
And bowed at the feet of Loving Muktesan

10. துதி சாற்றுவோம்

காலை நேரத்தில் கீழ்வானத்தில்
கதிரவன் தன் பொற்கரத்தால்
கடவுளைப் போற்றித் துதிக்கும் நேரம்
களிப்புடன் நாமும் துதி சாற்றுவோம்
குயில்களும் காகமும் குருவியுமே
கூடியே ஒன்றாய் மகிழ்வுடனே
பாடியே போற்றிப் பரவசமாய்ப்
பரமனைப் பாடியே துதிக்கின்றன
தென்றலும் மெதுவாக வீசியது
தேவனின் திருப்புகழ் பாடியது
பூக்களும் நறுமணம் வீசியேநல்
புனிதனைப் போற்றியே வாழ்த்தினவே
நானிலத்தோரும் போற்றிடுவோம்
நம் முக்தேசனை வாழ்த்திடுவோம்
நல்மேய்ப்பன் இன்றைய நாள்முழுதும்
நன்மையால் நம்மையும் நடத்திடுவான்

கோண்டா (உ.பி). 30-09-1986


English Translation

  1. Let us also Hail HimLet us too rejoice and Hail God
    As Sun with his golden arms
    Worships God in the early morning
    in the eastern sky!
    Koael, crows and sparrows
    Happily joining together
    Hail Him with much enthusiasm
    And worship God by their songs
    Wind also blowed gently
    And sang the glory of God
    Flowers too by giving their fragrance
    Hailed the Holy one
    Let the people of this earth also Hail Him
    And worship our Muktesan
    The Good Shepherd will lead us the whole day
    With plenty of good things.



Worshipping the Lord with fellow bhaktas is one thing, but worshipping Him along with nature is unique. Human fellowship and corporate worship although important for our bhakti, put so many restrictions to become one with the Lord. However, when we are alone with the Lord along with nature (wherever we may live), then we find no restriction (unless we create our own), to enjoy the presence of the Lord.

Taking time alone with the Lord and tuning ourselves with the nature around us gives a healing touch to our strained atman. Several times in my life, in such surroundings I won’t pray or sing, but will try to immerse myself in the silence around me. Of course my mind will wander, but I will bring it back again and again to feel the silence around me. Those days when I spent time alone with Nature near the sea-shore in the North Andaman islands (Mayabandar and one time at Little Andaman) and the Himalayan Hills are memorable ones in my life. Pure nature without artificial intrusions like buildings is my favourite place. Though I cannot live in such a place all the time, nature in any form inspires everyone.

When I stayed at Satal-ashram (1990), one day I went for my regular evening walk. There was a full-moon. After my walk I sat on the edge from where I can see Panna lake. As it was off-season for tourists, there was no traffic on the other side road and I was the only person staying at that time in the ashram. But as Tigers roam in the night, we have to return back before it becomes dark. As I was immersed in the silence around me, I forgot that it was getting dark. As the waters in the Panna lake were still and glittering with the moon light, I couldn’t move from that place.

Finally I came out from that deep immersion in nature when I heard the sound of some animal (not a tiger) in the distance. Then I realized that it had already become dark. I quickly walked back to my room and the night watchman, who used to come in the evening to have a cup of tea was a bit concerned as he couldn’t find me in the room.