The Lost battle of Anna

Finally Anna lost his last battle not only against the politicians but also against corruption. If he has to end his ‘principle’ with such a compromise, in which according to him 40% of the corruption will be dealt with the present Lokpol bill, he need not even started his fight against corruption from the beginning.  Many of the present laws are more than enough to remove that 40% corruption, if they are implemented to their letter and spirit.  From the beginning his standard position was a demand for a ‘STRONG LOKPOL BILL’ and he refused to compromise in the past.  But finally the Politicians—irrespective of all the party, proved that nobody can challenge them in any area by anyone other than own species.  The way both Congress and BJP joined their hands through back door negotiation and the secret meeting that claimed to have happened between Anna’s representatives and Rahul’s people somewhere in a Form House in Maharashtra proved how strong they are and stand united in spite of their ideological difference when it comes to protect and save their interest.  Dr. Bedi behaved and acted as if the proxy BJP person.  It looks the way this present Lokpol bill was presented and passed in Parliament has one political agenda–how to check and confront Arvind and the Aam Admi Party and the serious way it threatens the political system in India.  Though Arvind’s stand and principle of demanding a strong 100% fool proof Lokpol bill is idealism, yet by keeping his stand very clear he own a moral battle against Anna.  That is why this time there was no wide spread support for Anna throughout India as he had in the past and all the victory celebration were limited to his native place.  As a neutral person, I too didn’t feel any kind of empathy with Anna in his present fast at Malagaon, which ended pathetically for me.


In the history Anna will be remembered as a person who started in spirit and ended in flesh.  He also proved that irrespective of many good works he has done and still doing in his native place, yet he can never come even closer to Gandhiji’s principle of uncompromising with his idealism.  All who wear a Gandhi cap cannot become a Gandhiji overnight.  It is well said that ‘great people cherishes conviction and small people entertains opinions.’  By entertaining the opinion of the politicians Anna reduced himself from his exalted position and Kiran Bedi deserves credit for that.


Dayanand Bharati.


Gurukulam. 17-12-2013