The Real World of the West

We join with the world community to express our condolence for those killed in the terrorist attack in Paris and equally condemn such a cowardice attack. However, the response when western nations are attacked often reveal a lot about the western worldview about the rest of the world.

As usual, BBC on 14-11-2015 covered the Paris attacks for several hours, but don’t show the same courtesy when similar incidents happen in the third world. (See the another article: Fanaticism in the Name of Freedom.) For them, the ‘real world’ is only their own world that exists in Europe, Scandinavia and North America. The rest of the earth (note not the world) is a place inhabited by some species who claim to be human, but not recognized by them. 

When the BBC was broadcasting the condemnation from “world leaders”, they only mentioned the heads of states of the US, Canada, Russia, and German. They also included Israel because of its strategic importance as a pet child of the US. They also mentioned Syria because it is the country exporting ISIS terrorist.

The BBC broadcasted the speech by Obama and the PM of Canada, never mentioned the condemnation and condolence shared by leaders from other parts of the earth (Asia, Africa and Latin America). For example, the Indian PM was visiting London at the time and tweeted his condemnation of the attack, but it was never mentioned.

I am not saying this was done deliberately, but it is in their DNA and subconscious to refuse to recognize the worth of other people living outside their world. Those who shout from the rooftops about the human rights violation in the third world, couldn’t give any dignity to those living outside their world.

Though we recognize the pain and suffering of those who endure such a terrorist attack, these are visible attacks. This kind of disregard for others is the kind of racial violence that remains in the mind and DNA of white people. The Indian media covered the Paris attacks (perhaps because of the TRP), even ignoring other incidents that happen in our country or in our part of the world (like the election results in Myanmar which is also important for us). But for broadcasters like the BBC, the “real world” is only those who look and think like them. I am happy that I don’t share their skin colour or worldview.