Where to find?

  1. Where do I find the real Him? Is he Jesus? Is he Lord Krishna or someone else?–SS

–See my response to the question @.  Even if you are sure of God someone who you choose, yet keep the search alive.  Because one who finds satisfaction about her search and need about God and spirituality is a dead person.  The day one thinks that she is satisfied, then she began to dig her own grave.  One saint in his record about his search in spirituality says that one day he told God, ‘I am not sure whether I know the truth and you.  I still have doubts about you and also my experience and I am not sure’.  For this God said to him, ‘what would you know if you are sure, then do it now’.  This is my conviction.  Regarding God and spirituality, we have to live ‘one day at time’.  But even for this we need a firm foundation which a guru alone can give.  Once we found that guru and have faith in Her, then we should begin to live ‘one day at a time’ still searching about God and growing in spiritual life.

Religion and God

@It has also let me to ask myself that, are God and religion different? Can it ever happen that religion might miss out some aspect of God and there might be more about God that we may never know? Do we have to follow a religion to know God?–ss

–The word ‘religion’ derived from the Latin word ‘relegare’ which means that which binds together.  Religion is invented by us to set some boundaries for our rituals and conviction.  It is like traffic rules.  It is like law.  Before we make law we have some freedom to make them and debate a lot.  Once we made it, then we are obliged to follow it.  And when they become out of date, then we bring amendments.  But in most cases, religious boundaries rather than providing security try to exclude others so that we may not feel threatened by their presence and views.  Religion always created ‘the Other’ and by comparing and contrasting with them, we either feel comfort or challenged/threatened.  Religion is the womb of fundamentalism also.

There never comes the question of ‘religion might miss out some aspect of God’.  Because no religion holds the monopoly to know all the truth about God.  As I have already said, till the end we won’t  know all about God and there will be more about God that we many never know.  If we can know all about God, then we can become greater than God.  Though religion can provide some guidance but it can never help us to know God.  At the same time we cannot live without its influence and service in one form or the other.  Most of the time, like computer, it becomes a necessary EVIL.

Dayanand Bharati, Gurukulam,March 17, 2011