Who is God?

who is He?–ss

–There is a Tamil saying, ‘Whoever has seen God cannot explain Her and whoever has explained Her, not yet seen God.’  Muktiveda says, ‘No one has seen God and no one can see God’. (I Tim. 6:16).  As I have already shared with you ‘Our God is too small’.   To confess the truth, I don’t know who God is.  If we began to summarize all the scriptures in the world talk about God, then we have to end up in several volumes.  Sometimes, I think that it is good that we don’t know who God is?  Once if we have clear understanding about Her, then all our jikjasu (curiosity or desire to know) and anxiety will come to an end.  Even those who claim to have realized God or have experience with Her, have to live with the question and anxiety whether their realization and experience is true or not?  I too believe in God, but my search is not to find Her, but know the way to begin the process of ‘Knowing God and also Known by Her’.  And I think for this we all need a guru and my search for that guru began and now ended in Muktinath.

Dayanand Bharati,March 17, 2011.